Vastu Defects, Effects & Remedies for Missing Corner & Extended Corner


According to Vastu, each direction corresponds to various attributes. Directions are potent forces according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. They can bring abundance in wealth and influence, or devastation and failure. They can transport true love to your door or the ultimate disharmony. We have looked at the directions and how they can complement different aspects of your life and maximize your potential.

A missing or extension of any corner of your premises creates different types of Vastu defects. These may be minor, medium, or major types of Vastu defects. The Square and rectangular shape of the property indicate wholeness and stability.

Vastu deficiencies or defects

Is your life far from abundance and wonderful feeling? 

Maybe you are staying in a house that may have some serious defects. You did everything right about the location, amenities, neighbors, etc. but it is possible that you may be missing to check the key locations of the house or plot. Before you get in to drive for searching a new home, do a little bit of research on internal as well as external placements.

Vastu defects (Vaastu dosha) in the home or office is one of the major factors which can negatively affect the resale value of the property.  Hence people prefer to buy a property that has a strong Vastu foundation and minimum Vastu deficiencies. People in real estate know-how difficult to sell residential or business property having serious Vastu defects.

With the Vastu corrections, you can minimize the turbulence and other conditions distracting your life path.

Why Vastu Remedies are recommended?

In modern living, where the environment at the macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro-level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony, and happiness in life.
Mankind, throughout history, has created rich, culturally specific symbols with meaning. These symbols impact our subconscious mind which makes up about 95% of our mind frame. When these symbols are of specific geometric shape, size, colours, and meaning, it results in the transforming of energy- the vital force that governs the entire universe.

Paintings and artwork for Vastu corrections?


We all love painting. Painting includes all sorts of creative impressions. People’s interest in art or painting can be said to be as old as the history of mankind. The Discovery of cave art shows clearly that the love for art has passed from generation to generation. The real purpose of painting has been to communicate a message. During ancient times, art was used to express ideas that were not acceptable in society. Many messages are conveyed through colors, symbols, artwork, and also by way of quotes in painting.  Many people do not realize how much of a role art plays in our lives.

Why do we use crystals in Vastu?

Crystal is a tool for communication, between humans and the earth. It connects our place elements with the earth’s energies. Crystal stimulates the atmosphere and energy flow, making your space more enjoyable. One of the main functions of a crystal is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. When you use a crystal for Vastu i.e. your space healing (Vastu corrections), the crystal’s vibration tunes in to the malfunctioning emissions of the affected area and gently corrects them, making you feel healthier and re-energized.

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Protruding  Corner (Extended or projection)

According to the Vastu, corners that protrude from a plot, building or other structure can have negative effects on those insides. They’re not just limited to homes and offices either; schools, hospitals, etc., all suffer their deleterious effect as well.

Extension of North-West Corner/ Extended North-West Corner:-

extended north west corner

Effects of north-west extension:-

Enmity, frequent obstacles, Losses through enemies and servants

Vastu Remedies for Extended North-West Corner:-

According to the study, any projection in the northwest is a major Vastu defect. It neutralizes the good Vastu of any home.

  • Grow aromatic plants in the west as well as northwest corners. Mint and Tulasi are natural and eco-friendly alternatives to wind elements. Plants naturally filter the air of harmful extension. Symbolically, the benefits of plants relate to liveliness, harmony, and longevity. Keep a few charged  blue apatite crystals around the base of the plant
  • Align counter direction i.e. southeast corner with the fire element. Consider incorporating Vastu fire paintings, Fire crystals, and energized Vastu helix to mitigate any negative effects. Seek guidance from experts on how to use crystals of appropriate weight relative to the size of your house.
  • Use blue as well as silver shades in the northwest zone. Avoid red or green shades in this area. Colours are the form of multiple energies.
  • Install energy balancer plates in center of the house(Brahmassthan).
  • Avoid the kitchen in the extended area. Otherwise, this will further multiply the Vastu defect.
  • Fix your missing corner by using energized Vastu partition stirps (to cut off the extension) as well as Vastu corners (to shape the property). These are virtual correction tools to rectify the fault without breaking the structure.
  • If you have multiple Vastu defects including an extended north-west corner, Consult Vastu expert with the floor plan of your house.

vastu opinion

Extension of South-West Corner / Extended South-West Corner:-

extended south west corner

Effects of south-west extension:-

Health issues, Court matters, No progress, Defamation

Vastu Remedies for Extended South-West Corner:-

Being one of the main elements of Vastu,  we give some quick remedies to your query on what should be kept in the southwest corner.

  • Grow audumber or imli (tamarind) tree in the southwest zone.
  • Introduce Vastu earth paintings, if your premises is an apartment.
  • Keep charged earth crystals with earth baskets in the southwest corner. These charged Vastu crystals help maintain balance by emitting certain energy frequencies which can bring stability or harmony into our lives as well as strengthen connections between humans and nature. Most importantly, the quantity of rock should be based on the size of the premises.
  • Use yellow as well as brown shades in this area. Avoid using red or blue shades in the southwest zone.
  • Enhance the counter direction northeast with the strong water element. You can use Vastu Kalash, water urli, water crystals or water pyramid in case of a small apartment. Also, use zinc metals in a counter direction to cure the above Vastu defects. Remedies help you to balance and harmonize physical space.
  • Do not provide doors or mirrors in the extended corner. Any entrance in this area should be kept closed.
  • Place Vastu Mangal above the main door.
  • Fix  energized Vastu corners in the remaining square area to separate the southwest extension. Also, Cut off the extended area with Vastu partition strips. These are remedial tools to balance the structure.

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Extension of South-East Corner:-

extended south east corner

Effects of south-east extension:-

Fear due to fire, Litigation & quarrel in family, Financial loss, Fighting energy will be always active

Vastu remedies for extended south-east corner:-

Any extension in the southeast direction is a high defect, which neutralizes the good Vastu features of the house.

  • Enhance the counter direction with the wind element. One area of your house elevates self-control in other areas of your house. You can use brass metal as well as northwest crystals for quick corrections.
  • Grow a bamboo plant in this corner. In the case of an apartment, a  painting of a bamboo tree is a simple solution.
  • Cut off the extended area with energized Vastu partition pyramid strips. also, fix Vastu corners in the remaining square area. Consult an expert for the number of strips to be installed.
  • Avoid kitchens or doors in an extended area. The effect of the fire element will be severe if the kitchen falls in the extended zone.
  • Use pistachio green as well as lemon yellow shades in this area.
  • Bury or place three energized sriparni pyramids in the extended southeast zone. Sriparni is an auspicious wood material.
  • Use energy-balancing charged crystal rock/pebbles. These charged crystals will calm the environment and bring peace and protection. It teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. The quantity of rock should be based on the size of the premises. 

Missing Corner as per Vastu

Some missing sections are not necessarily a severe defect but it’s important that a person feel complete and not “cut off” when he or she is in the home. Vastu system helps in balancing your space so that any negative forms may be offset with positive adjustments. However, if there’s one corner that you can’t find – be on the lookout because this may indicate some kind of spiritual stability issue with either your family lineage or even yourself.

Cut in the South-West Corner (Missing corner)

south west corner cut

Effects of south-west cut:-

Poor health, Unwanted expenses, Litigation, Financial loss

Vastu remedies for missing south-west corner:-

  • Grow the Audumber tree in this zone. This is one of the most powerful cures in the southwest zone.
  • Raise the flooring of this zone to gain strength in the southwest area. Ideally, this zone should be a master bedroom area in the house or a master cabin in the office. Place activated earth cubes under the flooring.
  • Bury 108 bronze coins near the missing corner.
  • Use energized lead metal blocks along with yellow square cubes near the missing area. Yellow is a stone for the southwest direction.
  • Keep a pair of heavy marble elephants near the missing southwest zone. This will strengthen the southwest zone of the house.
  • Keep charged earth crystals in a bowl in the south, in case of a small apartment. Crystals are mothers’ natural little gifts to us. The vibration of crystals and rocks is said to align with our internal energy system. These crystals should be based on the size of the premises.
  • Use earth paintings on the wall near the missing corner. This will enhance earth energies in this area.
  • Avoid water bodies or water paintings near the missing zone. Waterbody in this area will weaken the earth element of the house.
  • Enhance counter direction (Northeast) with water element Vastu  Kalash, zinc metal, and water urli. 

Cut in the North-West Corner (Missing corner):

north west corner cut

Effects of north-west cut as per Vastu Shastra :-

Depression, Child issue

Vastu remedies for missing north-west corner:-

  • Grow aromatic plants in this zone. Alternatively, you can also use aroma freshener.
  • Use wind chimes to improve wind element strength. Windchimes are known as a carrier of positive energy and produce a harmonious sound that creates a soothing atmosphere.
  • Install jumbo wind chimes near the missing zone.
  • Bury a 108 brass coins near the missing corner.
  • Place Vastu shakha Conch in the northwest zone filled with rice.
  • Enhance neighbor direction i.e. northeast with the strong water body.
  • The owner of the house must drink water in the silver utensil.
  • Enhance counter direction i.e. south-east corner with the fire element of Vastu. Use charged fire crystal, energized fire pyramids, and harmony paintings in the southeast zone.

vastu defects check

Cut in the North-East Corner (Missing corner):

north east corner cut

Effects of north-east cut:-

Financial and health problems

Vastu remedies for missing north-east corner:-

Some counter remedies on frequent queries on what should be kept in the northeast corner of the house to correct missing corner dosha.

  • Place asthmangal mandala on the wall near the missing corner. 
  • The Northeast zone needs special care. A missing northeast is considered as a major Vastu dosha.
  • Place charged crystal water cubes around the cut area.
  • Grow Tulasi in the northeast zone. 
  • Place strong water bodies near the northeast cut zone. You can place Vastu Kalash with water,  8 pearls, and silver coins.
  • Display copper metal sun in the east direction.
  • Place zinc metal Vastu cures for the missing corner.
  • Put a painting of an endless road (deep path) on the wall near the missing corner.
  • Place the energized water pyramid near the missing corner.
  • Enhance counter direction with the earth element to make space more positive. You can use earth crystals, lead metal blocks, and also yellow earth cubes for strong correction.
  • If you have multiple Vastu defects including a missing northeast corner, contact an expert with the floor plan of your house for advice.

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Missing  South-East Corner :

south east corner cut

Effects of the missing south-east:-

Financial problems, Poor health of females in the house, bad habits

Vastu remedies for missing south-east corner:-

  • Bury or place energized three sriparni pyramids in the missing southeast zone. Also, display a painting of the sun on the wall towards the east.
  • Paint this zone with pistachio green as well as a lemon yellow color. Color brings life to any space.
  • Bury a 27 copper coin near the missing corner.
  • Place energized fire pyramids in this corner along with charged fire crystals. This will create a strong presence of fire energies in this corner.
  • Enhance the counter direction with the wind element and neighbor element northeast with an underground water body.

Extension towards the northeast

Extension towards the northeast is positive as per Vastu. Experts in the field of Vaastu permit extension of up to 10% of the total area in the northeast sector.

All remedies should be based on the percentage of extended or missing corners compared to the entire layout of the premises.

How imbalances are caused in the house?

These are some medium and minor Vastu defects, which also need strong attention.

  • Missing natural lights
  • Clutter in the house
  • Broken statues, crockery, and toys
  • Dried and Dead plants
  • Broken mirror or glass
  • Uncleanliness
  • Dust and cobwebs
  • Improper use of colors
  • Ceiling beams and ceiling fans
  • Negative surroundings
  • T junction house
  • Curved shaped doors and windows
  • Negative and confusing paintings,  Artwork, and pictures
  • Old and unused items
  • Imbalance in five elements (wind, water, space, fire, and earth)
  • Negative position of the bed and other furniture
  • Wrongly placed Stove and sink in the kitchen

Do not neglect Vastu defects.

Remedies or tips especially related to northeast and southwest may help you to reduce its severe impact. In addition to removing Vastu dosha, it helps in generating positive energy in the house as well as a business location. Vastu remedial objects have the power to transport and transform your home.

Vastu Zones

When you perform an activity in the Vastu zone, which is believed to be conducive for that particular activity, you attain astoundingly successful results. However, when you perform the same activity in the wrong Vastu zone, your results turn fruitless, sometimes even adverse. Moreover, due to the wrong activity, the inherent strength of that particular Vastu zone also gets weakened.

Vastu score of your new, proposed, or existing house


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