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South Facing House / Home Vastu.  Is south south-facing home Good or Bad?

Property or properties facing south are available at affordable prices, why? Because very few people prefer renting or buying a south-facing plot, home, or office. This trend is just a myth, and there is no truth. In fact, a south-facing house or property can bring a tremendous/massive amount of success,  if you follow specific Vastu shastra rules very carefully. Vastu Shastra is all about managing your space energy, so you can enjoy your living successfully. Proper planning of the house as per Vastu brings rapid growth in all areas of life. Luckily there are multiple ways to look towards when it comes to attracting abundance according to the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is no superstitious subject. It is a knowledge of natural laws. All texts and studies of Vastu will guide you on what to do. it does not explain why. It says you follow in this way and you will get this result.  The effect of Vastu is practiced and verified by all generations.


An accurate Vastu analysis involves understanding the location of the main door, as all main directions, i.e. north, south, east, and west are equally auspicious. We have seen not a few, but a large number of homes having a south door as the main door (at auspicious pada) were fortunate in creating a prosperous and peaceful life. Hence locating the main entry door at an auspicious block (pada)of a south zone can be instrumental in claiming as a successful house.

Follow a few important Vastu tips &  suggestions:-

  • Plots / Houses / Homes facing the South direction should be designed carefully. South facing Houses is not always bad. Each direction has positive and negative zones. The main door (entrance) and all essential placements should be marked by the Vastu Expert (check with the magnetic compass).
  • Plots / Houses / Homes facing South should have construction in such a way that it has more open space towards North and East. Whereas the plot having more open space towards the south and west creates imbalance and disharmony. Open space should be based on the size of the premises.
  • Avoid any slope towards the South direction in such plots. The plot has a pond, river, and septic tank, Ground tanks towards the direction are serious Vastu defects.
  • Make a higher Boundary wall at the South and  West of South south-looking Plots/Flats/houses/Homes. There are different sizes of boundaries towards the south-west, south, south-east, east, north-east, north, north-west, and west.
  • Raise the level of the floor at the south-west zone of the Plots/House/Homes. Higher levels should be in proportion to the size of the premises.
  • Provide maximum balconies towards North and East in South facing Plots/houses/Homes while planning construction on such a plot.
  • Provide a roof slope towards the east or north of the proposed building.

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Energizing the Plot

  • Improve site energy by making a borewell or underground tank (Vastu element – -water) in the northeast zone. It should not be placed over the northeast axis according to Vastu Shastra.
  • Energize the plot by installing Vastu gems under the pyramids of different metals according to the main and sub directions.

Shape and Entrance

  • Maintain the shape of the house in rectangular or square shape. Plots with irregular shapes, extensions, or cuts are highly inauspicious. Follow Vastu rules for shape very carefully.
  • Making your home internally Vastu perfect gives the same result as the house having entrances at East and North. We have seen many people. making a great success in their life by having South south-facing main entrance that has oriented their entry in the positive zone (pada) at the south. There are 32 pada (zones) and the front entrance should be in the auspicious pada.

Some Vastu Shastra remedies or products like Bahubali Hanuman, Panchmukhi Hanuman, Bhaum Yantra, Dakshin Mukhay Yantra, Vastu Lead Energy Helix, Vastu Copper Energy Helix, Vastu Pyramids made in Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Vastu Energy Crystals can be used to correct Vastu dosha of south-facing house defects

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The South facing house or business place may bring some serious problems to the occupants, if not planned as per Vastu:-

  • Serious Bad Luck
  • Serious illness
  • Bad Reputation

Some serious Vastu Defects to avoid in the south-facing house:-

  • A bore well or underground water tank at the south
  • Septic tank at the south
  • Kitchen in the South
  • Slope towards the south-west
  • The main door towards the south (inauspicious pada)
  • T junction or Vedhishoola at the south or south-west
  • Missing south-west Zone
  • Extended south-west corner

Vastu corrections (remedies):-

  • Install Dakshin Mukhay Yantra with Bhaum Yantra above the south-facing door or use Bahubali Hanuman Yantra in case of a bigger place. It can also be used for the door in the southeast corner.
  • Fix  Vastu corners along with Vastu strips around the water tank or septic tank located towards the south to cut off the Vastu defect. 
  • Use the red jasper pyramid and Vastu shift arrows for a home with a kitchen towards the south. The kitchen in the south impacts health.
  • The missing south zone or slope towards the south can be corrected by installing a lead metal helix with lead spiral blocks.
  • Extended south can be cut off by fixing Vastu partition strips under the floor or ceiling. Use strips made of wood, copper, brass, and crystals based on the direction & size of the premises.
  • Place earth crystals in the master bedroom to create more strength. 

Case Study -Vastu Consultation for Jaipur-South facing home

Vastu Finding of the above property

  • The house has two entrances- southwest and southeast
  • A house has placed a staircase towards the southwest.
  • A plan has a kitchen in the north-west
  • A plan has a bedroom in the north-east
  • A property is blocked from all three directions leaving the south zone open.

Vastu rectification, recommendations and corrections

  • It is advisable to either eliminate the primary entrance located in the southwest or keep it closed for extended periods.
  • The ideal placement for a staircase is to relocate it towards the southeast, in order to accommodate a bedroom in the southwest area of the house.
  • A room can be set up in the northeast section for the children or to serve as a space for religious rituals.
  • To address issues with a closed north and east direction, it is recommended to use Vastu paintings and space balancing plates for rectification.
  • To activate the plot, it is necessary to place nine zone crystals beneath its foundation.
  • A tranquility zone should be enhanced by placing water crystals in the northeast zone.
  • Various plants are suggested in the report with their advantages to the house owner.
  • A Vastu rating of the house can be improved with all the suggestions from the existing rating “B” to “A”

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