North East Facing House

north east facing house

Vastu Shastra has gained popularity across the globe in recent decades. Vastu-compliant apartments, plots, and commercial premises help the habitant to top up their lives with more joy, wealth, health, and success. Although it originated 5000 years ago from India’s time of classical antiquity; its powerful influence on the modern real estate market is all too clear to see. Hence, Vastu believes people are well aware of the value of their space and its vibrations. 

A northeast zone-a highly precious zone

Northeast is a highly precious and sensitive zone as per Vastu. The northeast zone is strongly filled with divine energy. It is also known as Ishanya Corner.

Northeast properties and Real Estate

Longtime real estate agents know that northeast properties are always popular and sell quickly. Many times, sellers get a premium price for it too. Most noteworthy, northeast-facing apartments or houses are found to be having accurate internal planning as per Vastu.  There are a few important rules of Vaastu Shastra to be followed for the property facing north-east to harness more wealth in life. About 75% of people who are interested in real estate prefer northeast-facing properties.

Why house with northeast-facing is most preferred as per Vastu?

  • Northeast facing Houses / Home / Plots are considered the first-grade site where inhabitant has tremendous success in their life. Success comes in very fast in the life of the occupant. As a result, it can make them more productive, healthier, and happier in their life. Also, such an environment presents a chance for innovation and opportunities for the younger generation in the house.
  • A property having a road towards the north and east is considered as a northeast site. The road towards the north and east is believed to bring more regional as well as overseas opportunities. Such plots are high in demand and should be purchased even they are higher in price.

Benefits of staying in the Northeast house

  • Northeast facing house helps you to gain unlimited access to all the good things in life.
  • It enhances your vitality, your finances, your career, and every sector of your life.
  • You will find your thoughts clean and your heart at peace when you are staying in a northeast-facing house.

External Vastu for northeast facing house or plot (For Plot or Independent Home)

  • North-east facing plot or independent house should have a lower compound wall boundary towards the north as well as east direction. This helps in attracting a pure and positive flow of cosmic rays from the northeast corner. The height, as well as the width of the boundary, should be proportionate to the size of the plot.
  • A wall towards the southwest should be the highest compared to other directions.  
  • The height, as well as the size of the compound wall, should be calculated based on the size of the property.
  • Place the main compound gate in the positive zone in the east or north direction of the boundary wall.
  • Provide slope of the plot towards the northeast. A Vaastu study shows that land with a slope towards the northeast proved beneficial to the inhabitant of the plot or home.
  • The ideal Vaastu ratio of plot size is 1:2. If it is more than this,  the strength of the plot is reduced.

Open Space and  Slope in the plot or compound in the northeast facing home

  • Plan more open space in the northeast zone of the plot while making a floor layout.  Open space in the northeast showers grand success over the occupant.
  • Avoid slope either towards the south-east, south, south-west, and west direction of the plot as per Vaastu. It invites bad luck.
  • Dig a borewell in the northeast corner of the plot.  Underground water in the northeast improves the quality of the life.
  • There should not be drain water flow towards the north-east. House close to polluted waterways (canal) is a highly unfavorable Vastu site.

Surrounding  of the house and Vastu Corrections

  • A building or house on a T junction plot is a defect. According to Vastu, the T junction is highly inauspicious. Also reject plot with veedhi shoola (road ending) at the east of south-east, north of north-west, south-of south-west and west of south-west.
  • Projection of plot towards the south-west, south-east or north-west is a Vaastu defect. Use Vastu strips for any extension of the plot.
  • Never plan a bore well, septic tank, or underground tanks towards the southeast or southwest of the plot. It may cause frequent obstacles during the construction period.
  • Refrain from putting a septic tank in the southeast, southwest and, northeast zone of the plot. These directions give a bad result.
  • Avoid putting a bore well or septic tank opposite the main door. It is considered a bad location and a serious Vaastu defect.

Vastu planning  for a North-East facing apartment, flat, plot, house or office

  • In order to make your home welcoming and comfortable for visitors, the main entrance should be bigger in size compared to other internal doors of the house.
  • According to ancient Indian principles of architecture, the master bedroom should be in the southwest and a prayer area will bring positive energy if placed in the northeast.
  • Plan your kitchen in the southeast zone and living area in the eastern zone for the optimum A+ Vaastu rating. South-East corner represents Lord “Agneya”. ( Fire God). Worshippers of Agni are economically strong and long-living. Agni himself takes care of the people who make offerings to him. 
  • Water elements in the northeast zone will bless the house with tremendous peace, wealth, and success.

Tips & Precaution as per Vastu for North East facing apartment, flat, plot, house, or office

  • Nameplate serves a functional purpose in identifying a home. Display your name near the entrance which is believed to attract the right kind of opportunities. 
  • Plants support positivity and give your home a karmic boost when placed in the corner of abundance. We recommend using jade, bamboo, and pine tree to boost the life energy in your space.
  • Avoid a lift as well as a staircase opposite the main entrance.
  • Do not put bigger windows towards the south or south-west direction of the house.
  • Avoid staircase view from the door. It acts as an obstacle to the free circulation of energy.
  • The main door should not have cracks. As per Vastu shastra, it is indeed very inauspicious to have the main door in an unwelcoming condition.

These are general tips and a detailed house chart is required for the evaluation of any property.

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