Consulting with Team Vastuplus

Vastu Consultation Process

Step 1

  • Your initial consultation is to write about your space.
  • We will then explain how we work and what you should expect from your Vastu analysis or planning. We will then follow you up by phone a few days later to see if you would like to go ahead.

Step 2

If you decide to go ahead for the Vastu consultation…… We will ask you to provide:

  • The Floor plan of your premises with the direction.
  • Details on the surrounding of the space.
  • The existing plan, in case of renovations or extensions of the current premises.

Step 3 (In case of Onsite Consultation)

  • Our team will visit your premises. Our team will assess the space and its surroundings.
  • We will take an accurate compass reading.  Also, we will survey each and every room or department.
  • We will take a note of all placements, in case of the existing place.
  • We will ask for your requirements and concerns about the premises.
  • This Consultation can take about  2 to 3 hours based on the size of the premises.

Step 4

  • Reading and analysis of the sites will be explained to you in our detailed report.
  • Our report will cover layout, recommendations, suggestions, charts, graphs, tables, and pictures in detail.
  • A Vastu report is sent through courier or emailed within 3 days from the receipt of all information and consultation fees.

Step 5

  • A Follow-up Consultation will be arranged with you after sending a report. Our team follow-up by phone or emails after a period of two months to know about the implementation of our suggestions and recommendations.
  • Free follow-up Consultations by email or skype.

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