Vastu for Home – Villa or Apartment


Vastu Shastra is a sacred architecture that, when properly practiced, will revitalize your home, attract good energy, and harmonize you with your surrounding environment.

Follow expert recommendations if you want to bring more health, harmony, and happiness into your apartment and optimize every square foot with positive energy

The home is viewed as a single structure where all sections of the housework are together. A Vastu cosmic mandala 9 x 9 grid indicates functions of each direction of any premises. Much like our physical bodies which have different parts, the sections in our home are like organs in our body, interlinked and interdependent but working together.

If your life is far from abundance and wonderful feelings, then you are staying in a house that may have some serious Vastu defects.

A. Vastu evaluation of the property

You may avail of this service if you have already bought the property and want to know the Vastu compatibility for the same.

This service will cover:-

  • Analysis of the complete floor plan
  • Location and effect of the main door
  • Positive and negative placements in the plan
  • Rectifications in the plan
  • Remedies in the plan
  • Recommendations on colours and artwork to create a vibrant space

Download a brochure on Vastu-evaluation of property

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B. Vastu planning of New home

Creating a healthy, harmonious, and prosperous environment can be accomplished through Vastu space planning.

When setting up your space, experts overlay a Vastu grid, and compass chart over a floor plan or room to help determine where to place furniture and decorations. Each sector of the Vastu grid corresponds to a distinct realm of life, including career, health, and family, as well as shapes, components, and colours to focus on.


Key locations to be considered while drawing a Vastu Plan:-

  • Location of the Main Entrance – An auspicious front door as per Vastu brings success, and more prosperity and, also enhances good luck as per Vastu for homeowners.
  • Location of the prayer zone – True location brings Peace, Harmony, also tranquillity to the home.
  • Surroundings of the house – The external environment could impact the house owner’s fate.
  • The shape of the House as per Vaastu – Irregular shape creates serious faults.
  • Location of the Living Room, Family room, Master Bedroom, Kids Bedroom as well as the Guest room.
  • Location of the kitchen according to Vastu and also its internal arrangement – Correct location brings an abundance of wealth, health, and, also prosperity.
  • Placements of Electronic gadgets like Computer, TV, Heaters, etc
  • The direction of the Toilets – Health may suffer because of incorrect placement of washrooms.
  • Colors for the Interior – Go for a combination of vibrant, cool, harmonious, also energetic colors.
  • The direction of a Lower as well as a higher zone.
  • The internal arrangement of Each and every room.
  • Location of the staircase in case of an Independent home.
  • Garden & plantation-Plants are as important as other accessories in the space.
  • The shape of the furniture as well as the types of material used in the furniture.
  • Paintings  & home decor-Artwork or paintings can do wonders for mental health and well-being. Many artworks can be relaxing and distressing. Paintings and artwork serve the purpose of beauty and hence improve home decor.
  • Missing Corner / Corner Cuts & Extended Corners in the plan, Its effect, and remedies

Download brochure for Vastu planning by email consultancy

Download borchure for Onsite Vastu Planning

C. Multiple plans- select the best

When people think of life accomplishments, purchasing a “dream home” is usually near the top of the list.

Prior to beginning house hunting, take time to do a Vastu assessment. This will help you focus your search and avoid viewing houses that are undesirable.

Search for a dwelling that will keep your family pleased for a long time to come. Don’t be bothered if you want to pick and choose until you find a house that feels right.

Are you confused about buying a property with multiple projects to choose from?

Select 3 or more plans which are best suitable as per your requirement. Contact our team by email or phone to proceed with the Vastu reading of these multiple plans.


Our team will place a proposed plan on the compass degree chart and evaluate its strength as per Vastu.  Property analysis will be summarised with the Vastu score. You can proceed with your buying options based on the rating of the house.

We will also help you to decide on the floor and the apartment or house number in harmony with the owner’s profile.

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D. Renovating or remolding a property

Remoulding or Renovating your space to rectify the Vastu

Vastu can make a big difference when it comes to remodeling and renovating your home. Learning about this ancient art is helpful when you have plans to redecorate or renovate your current house design. The aim is to make your living space more pleasant and favorable when you renovate your home.

If a house has major life challenges because it has Vastu defects that aren’t too difficult or expensive to correct, go for quick renovations.

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If the house is a resale property, find out the history of the house.

  • Was the previous occupant having a prosperous and successful life?
  • Why did they moving to a new place?
  • Any serious illness in the family?
  • Any bad incidents or problems in the house?

It is necessary to buy a lucky house which has a better experience.

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In addition to the above following placements/locations also need consideration while analyzing Vastu for home or apartment:-.

Vastu for Ceiling, Bed, beam as well as pillars, Air conditioners, Pets, Bathroom pot, curtains, dressing mirrors, Basement, bookshelves, home gymnasium, sofa, furniture, walls, utility room, nameplate, number of doors, kids children room, Balconies,  Gate, Exteriors, Plants as well as  Garden, Garage, Store, Guest room, Home Colors, Terrace, Prayer room or Temple, Interiors, Kitchen, Locker room. Open Patio / Verandah, Porch, Temple or Pooja room, Roof and its slope, Flooring, Paintings, pictures, Overhead water tank, Drainage, Septic Tank, and,  Servant Room. Study room, Study desk Table, fountain, Swimming Pool, Laundry Rooms, Closet, Toilet, Bathroom, Driveway, Attic, Front yard, and,  Backyard. Fireplace, Well and Tube Well, Swimming Pool, Windows, Sink, Fridge, Main electric points, LCD as well as TV, Laptop as well as Computers, water fountain, and, also a fish tank.

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