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contact vastu expertFor quotation of our Vastu Shastra expert services, we need the following information:-

  1. Size of plot or premises.
  2. Proposed layout of the site or some details on the proposed site.
  3. History of the property, if available.
  4. Architecture plan or layout, if available
  5. Details on the surrounding of the site.
  6. Photograph of the site, if available.
  7. Your queries as well as concern
  8. Google location, if available
  9. Location of your property

Every Vastu consultation includes:-

  • An in-depth Vastu survey or analysis of the site
  • An explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on Vastu principles
  • Recommendations for rectification using natural elements, paintings
  • Table, Charts, or pictures to understand the recommendations.

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