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Investment in the land offers a greater return than investing in a home, stock market, and government securities. As far as Vastu Shastra is concerned, the external environment is the most important while analyzing a property. In fact, it is equally important what we apply inside the house. while buying land, you must consider the shape of the house to analyze plot Vastu.

Shape of the plot

In Vastu Shastra, the beneficial shapes are the square and the rectangle (with proper ratio). The other shapes whether circles, U or L create a missing corner that may cause serious problems depending on the section missing.

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According to Vastu best plots are those that are rectangular or square in shape. According to Vishwakarma Prakash, the square property gives abundance in food grain, the elephant-shaped property gives enormous wealth, the lion-shaped property gives good progeny whereas bull shapes property gives an increase in cattle (vehicles).

A key factor to consider while selecting a plot

  1. The road surrounding the plot
  2. The shape of the flow
  3. Slope- the flow of the water
  4. Surroundings locations
  • Plot sharing boundary with water canal at south and west should be avoided.
  • Do not buy a plot having a pond at the south, south-west, south-east, west, and, also north-west.
  • Avoid residential or commercial plots close to the cemetery.
  • A taller building towards the north or east of the plot or compound is a big hindrance.

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter 1, Sloka-59,

  • Plot near the cemetery is not auspicious for the house owners. It is considered highly dangerous. Also, a plot with a termite invites serious trouble for the family members.

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  • Never purchase a plot with a tall structure towards the north or east.
  • Avoid the plot with a shadow of the temple falling from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Avoid a plot with a missing corner. It can be used only if corrections are possible with Vastu remedies.
  • Plot with extended corners other than northeast creates different kinds of Vastu defects based on its extended directions.
  • Any plot with the road towards the north and east brings more prosperity.
  • Avoid plot with bad veedhi shoola (Road ending at plot). It is not progressive for business.
  • Plot with Slope towards the south, south-west, south-east, and, also north-west brings downfall for the business.

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter 2,

  • Shloka-15, a plot with a slope towards the east gives the benefits of wealth. A plot sloping towards the southeast brings sorrow. If the slope is towards the south, it may be a reason for a short life. A slope towards the southwest creates fear.

plot vastu

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter-2, Shloka-16

  • A plot with a slope towards the west creates quarrels in the family.  A plot sloping towards the northwest could be a reason for a short life. The slope of the land towards the northern direction improves descendant luck (growth of the family) and land sloping towards the northeast gives the abundance through gems.

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  • Plot with water bodies in the north, northeast, or east brings success to the business. A Flow of water should not be towards the south.
  • Avoid a plot that has an overhead high-tension wire. It may bring geopathic stress to the site.

Open Space- A breathing space

Open space in a specific direction signifies continuous growth and success without any major obstacles in life. Open space in the north and east is called a breathing space to attract auspicious energy to the home. This open space concept should be applied while planning a new home very carefully.

Our experience says that buildings having open space in the north and east have maximum prosperity for the occupant.

More open space in the south and west indicates life with lots of struggle. Very strong remedies should be applied to provide protection when there is a huge margin i.e. open space in the southwest.

The concept of open space should equally be applied to the internal part of the house. Also, too many windows on the west and south compared to the east and north disrupt the energy flow of the house.

Buying a residential plot

What are the key points that are to be kept in mind while buying/selecting a plot?

The major things to be kept in mind while buying a plot are physical surroundings, the contour of the land, neighboring properties,  and the roads around the plot.

  • Try to select a square or rectangular shape plot. Square and rectangular shapes indicate wholeness and stability. They can harness prosperous energy. Such plots stand to benefit more from a Vastu perspective. Irregular shape properties never produce beneficial energy.
  • Avoid buying land with a hill or mountain in the east or north direction.
  • A plot with a solid rock mountain towards the southwest ensures stability and support in life.
  • Avoid buying a plot with a nearby waste management site or hospital.
  • Do not buy a property located at the T junction. The flow of energy focusing on the house is highly damaging.
  • A large, downward open towards the south or west of the home can leave you unprotected.
  • Hills or mountains in the southwest are like a defense for protection.

Buying an Industrial or Commercial plot

  • Priority, Survey a property to analyze the surroundings i.e. river, mountain, neighboring buildings, land elevation, etc.
  • Buy a square or rectangular property. The irregular shape of the plot creates a different type of Vastu fault based on the extended or missing corner.
  • Make sure that the plot is able to accommodate all Vastu features as per directions i.e. power station, waterbody, parking, entry gates, utilities and many more.
  • Avoid buying a property with a waterbody towards the south or southwest.
  • Do not buy a plot for sale due to the insolvency of the owner.
  • Avoid the plot located at the  T-junction. Any industry planned at such a location does not stay for a longer period in the business.

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