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Certain features of the external environment can have a positive or negative impact on the Vastu of the building. Road location and open spaces are very important considerations in Vastu analysis.


Let us examine how the road and surroundings affect the fortune of the site owner:-

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What is T- Junction?

The Situation When a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the house. Such locations are overexposed to traffic, noise, and air pollution.  The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. Consider T junction- one of the most toxic formations as it will cause a host of negative events for the householders.

Remember that people living in such homes are always in trouble.

Know the  Vastu Effects

  • Residents of such homes are in poor health and may be at risk of an accident.
  • Business premises at T junction will face instability.
  • Many business houses at the T junction have closed down in a very short period of time.

Vastu corrections or remedies for T-junction properties

  • If possible, re-position the front door or gate so that it does not directly face the road running towards the entrance.
  • Create a low fence or hedge with a gate as a barrier to negative energy.
  • Use plants and trees, which is a great way to protect your site.  It provides physical protection while also blocking out unwanted views of the  T junction.
  • Place reflective objects facing the T junction so that they can reflect back the harmful energies projected towards the home.
  • Install  Vastu virtual partition strips to cut off the energy. 

Location of Road

The roads that lead to your home can either be a blessing or curse, as they exert an inarguably more powerful effect on your home Vastu than you realize.

The direction of a road determines the amount of luck that it brings you. If your home is surrounded by a road towards the auspicious direction, then this showers you a good fortune all around. But if not, be prepared to face obstacles at every turn!

House below a road level


Houses situated below the road level are less prosperous. The flow of energy cannot reach all corners in a house at this elevation, so it is important that you avoid living in such homes.

You might not know it, but when you live below street level, the threat of becoming a victim to financial fraud or even liquidation is always looming.

The single road around the premises

  • House, Building, or Plot having a road at East or North – Overall prosperity & good health
  • House, Building, or Plot having a road at South – Not Good
  • Also, a building or Plot having a road at West – Average
Two roads surrounding the premises
  • Roads at North and East – Good Prosperity
  • The road at East and south road – good for females
  • Roads at South and west – Below average
  • The road at West and north – Financial prosperity and  overseas opportunities
  • Roads at North and south – average
  • Roads at East and West- Success and overseas opportunities

Three roads surrounding the premises

  • Roads at North, East, and South  – Good progress
  • The road at East, West, and south road – Limited Growth
  • Roads at North, East, and  west – Prosperous
  • The road at North, West, and South – Progressive but at a slow pace

Four roads surrounding the premises

According to Vastu, the Most auspicious plots are those surrounded by roads on all four sides. This will help you attract success and prosperity from every direction, as well as perform your rituals with ease.

These expansive homes are blessed with an even flow of energy, which can help create a sense that life is rich and full-filling.

Cul De Sac

Cul De Sac-vastu-road

Culs-de-sac is a type of street that goes nowhere.

The amount of energy flow required for one house often isn’t enough to power other houses in its cul-de-sac neighborhood – meaning they’re struggling energetically with each other as well.

Veedisula / Veedhishoola /– Approaching Road veedhi potu

Veedhi Shulas (dead-end road or road ending) occurs when roads approach the site. Some of these are really bad while others don’t matter much. There are four prime road approaches, which are highly positive and there are other four approaches, which are considered to be highly negative.

When a home is located on a dead-end, there’s an interruption in the energy flow. Roads that go nowhere are often bereft of any progress and can create financial difficulties for those living along with them. Hence, the home located at a dead-end is highly dangerous.

  • The road approaching from Northeast of East is considered to be a very good situation because it gives name, fame, and also prosperity to the owner of the house or plot.
  • Any road coming from the Northeast of the North is also considered highly auspicious. It gives better and excellent prosperity and financial soundness to the owner. As the availability of these plots is rare they should be bought whenever found. Also, it is the best choice for investors.
  • The road from northwest of the west is good as it offers excellent business propositions, more contacts, better friendship. relations, and also satisfies political aspirations. Ladies will flourish and all-around happiness is present in such premises/plots.
  • As per Vastu, the road approach from the Southeast of the South is also auspicious. It brings good luck in finance and offers excellent financial status for the owner.
  • A lane from the Southeast of the East may cause financial misery and legal problems. It also creates a health issue for female family members.
  • The road coming from Southwest of West is an invitation to bad luck. Such a location should be avoided under any circumstances.
  • A lane approaching from the south-west of the south brings serious bad luck and loss of health. It is highly inauspicious.
  • A road approaching from the Northwest of the north may result in instability in business as well as income.

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Follow these Vastu Corrections / Remedies

  • If you’re living on a dead-end road, set up a nice landscape arrangement that has plants toward the projected road so as not to let any negative energy get trapped inside your house.
  • Rectify defects by installing Vastu division strips. These strips can be made of metal, wood, or crystals. Use them according to the instructions from experts, who will suggest after viewing your floor plan.
  • Place decorative pots near the gate to bring a bit of life into your home. It acts as a threshold and slows harsh energy points towards your house. The pottery will also create an entryway that is welcoming, making it easier for people to enter your home in peace.

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