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Knowing which home to buy is as vital as knowing where you’re going to buy it and when going to buy it. It was found that people who bought their home for the first time constituted 33 percent of all homebuyers in the United States in 2019.

People in the US seek help from a real estate professional to help them find the right house, negotiate terms of sale, and help with price negotiations. Property sellers, as well, turned to professionals to help market their homes to potential buyers, sell within a specific timeframe, and price their homes at the very best rates.

Choosing a home is a big decision, often the result of hours of research, opinions of friends and family, and learning about what’s involved. In addition to this, setting a home as per Vastu shastra improves the quality of people’s lives. Every day more and more people are attracted to the Vastu concept. A philosophy of Vastu is gaining more and more reputation amongst the property buyers, investors, and construction companies.

Relationship and Vastu

Relationships and marriage still hold a lot of importance in every culture. Bad Vastu in the house can create bad relationship luck. This may cause some people to meet undesirable life partners who bring about toxic relationships. Marriages in America are facing a variety of challenges. The United States has a higher divorce rate compared to other countries in the world. Family breakdown harms society as a whole.

If you’re having problems or want to renew the energy in your relationship, check the zone of harmony in the house.

Vastu is an ancient practice that many people are familiar with but it’s still commonly misunderstood. Your home environment shapes your personality and also your love life. Balancing a space according to Vastu principles enormously improves life in all areas of life.

Healthy homes

Medical care and wellness are expensive in America. The modern American culture is very different from the culture of five decades ago. Having a home filled with healthy vibrations and spiritual activities removes the fear of illness from your space.

It’s no secret that your surroundings impact how you think, feel, and behave. If you want to stay healthy, you must make sure that your home environment is in harmony with nature. Everyone should be able to live a happy, healthy life, so why not get started right now by making your environment more suitable for health. Vastu is a science that tunes and adjusts your physical environment to fit with nature. Your home will be more comfortable, healthier, and safer if you follow Vastu principles when designing your house’s layout. Significant reductions in work stress are achieved by following Vastu guidelines.

There have been several studies that prove people live longer, have less stress, and are more financially stable when living in a healthy environment.

Prosperous home

Vastushastra has become a part of the interior of every home. It offers a better quality of life, brings harmony in relationships, a better job, overseas opportunities, scaling in studies, and better networking luck. The purpose of the Vastu is to adjust your physical environment to be in harmony with nature.

Happy people nurture and improve their relationships by staying in a vibrant environment. The focus on creating positive vibes and attracting material wealth in life are the two prime reasons that Vastu Shastra is becoming popular accords the world.

A quick assessment of  a home in Massachusetts, the USA by Vastu consultant

Findings & suggestions

Plot Vastu


  • The plot has access from the southwest (road towards the southwest) which is negative as per Vastu.
  • If the house has a more open space in the back (Northeast) it will be considered as good as per Vastu. Open space in the north and East indicates growth and development without the hindrance of obstacles. open space creates a channel to receive auspiciously.

 Structure Vastu- Lower Floor


  • According to Vastu, the entrance to the house is very unfavorable from the southwest. This limits the homeowner’s ability to be successful in life. This requires a strong Vastu modification.
  • A garage in the southwest is not ideal. The best place for a garage is to the northwest or southwest. This results in less vehicle use and frequent repairs.
  • The kitchen to the east is neutral as per Vastu in this layout.
  • The central staircase is a serious flaw in Vastu. If the stairs are in the center of the house, they can contribute to the occupant’s career fluctuation.
  • The missing corners of the north and northwest need a quick fix. It can affect occupants’ networks and finances.
  • According to Vastu, the restrooms in the north of the northwest are considered normal.
  • The southwest area shows the missing corner. This affects the harmony between the couple and the family.
  • The fireplace on the east side is great as per Vastu. A warm southeast corner indicates a stronger financial position.

Structure Vastu- Upper Floor


  • The location of the master bedroom is excellent as per Vastu in the southwest zone. It indicates strength and stability.
  • The location of the toilet in the northeast is highly negative. It should be removed or corrected with stronger remedies.
  • The bedroom in the southeast can be used as an entertainment room.
  • The bedroom in the northeast can be used by children. It can also be used as a  prayer room.

 Vastu Suggestions- Lower Floor

  • Move the main entrance of the house to the west side.
  • Place blessing Buddha in the lobby facing the main door. The serene presence of a beautiful Buddha painting or idol attracts the tranquil energy of your space.
  • Move stove more towards the southeast. This will improve the fire element strength in the house as per Vastu.
  • Face east or north while using a living room. These are the best direction to face while using a living room or family room.
  • The dining table should be square or rectangular as per Vastu. It helps in healthy conversation. Face east, west, or north while using a dining table.
  • Place the Brahma pyramid as well as the Vastu shift at the base of the staircase.
  • Park vehicle facing north in a garage. The Vehicle being an important medium of daily transport, this rule of Vastu can also be applied in parking.

Vastu Suggestions- Upper Floor

  • Sleep with head towards the east (SEE). Raise the flooring of this room by putting a wooden flooring or carpet. This will rather make the earth element stronger.
  • Keep the energy balancers under the mattress as there is a garage below the bedroom.
  • Use brown and yellow shade in this room. When a bedroom is comfortable with the harmony colours,  it helps you to relax, lessening your stress level.
  • Place a painting of rock mountains on the west wall.  This painting helps in correcting the missing corner in the southwest. Use dark curtains on the southwest window.
  • Bedroom 3 can be assigned to guests staying for 2 to 3 days. Ideally, this space can be used as an entertainment room.
  • Remove the toilet from the northeast. Use only for bathing. If you do not move, use crystals and bath salts.

Detailed  Vastu report indicates Vastu overall Rating B, Vastu strength 65 %, which is good for the temporary stay.

What is the impact of staircase in the centre?

A staircase in the center is an unfortunate spot as per Vastu. According to the study, the owner or his family may experience unreliable health.  A staircase may contribute to fluctuating circumstances in the occupants’ career.

Consultation with Team Vastuplus

We have successfully done numerous long-distance email consultations in many states in the USA like Texas, Massachusetts, California, Florida, New Jersey, Indiana, New York, Illinois, etc. Our team also guides you on concrete action steps and practices which can lift your life to a higher experience of health as well as wealth. We are also constantly researching new things that match with Vastu elements.

Every Long  Distance Vastu consultation includes:-

  • An in-depth Vastu reading of the site as well as the floor plan.
  • An explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on authentic Vastu rules.
  • Recommendations for rectification using natural elements, paintings, colors, etc.
  • Chart as well as a sketch to understand the recommendations.

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