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singapore-home-vastu-duplexSimply put, “Vastu ” is a study of the flow and movement of energy within a space using five key elements. Vastu is used by homeowners, architects, interior designers, builders, and businessmen to create a more harmonious and happy environment, ensuring that each and every corner of their space is energized.  In Singapore, many companies, hotels, and even governments believe and seek  Feng shui (similar to Indian Vastu) consultant advice. Many Indian people living in Singapore including Singaporean have now shifted their attention towards the Vastu Shastra. For home and other property buyers, Vastu is a third important factor after price and location preference.

4 Key considerations while buying a property

There are 4 key positionings to look out for when buying a house – the positioning of the front door, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, in relation to the space they reside in.

Do not ignore these 4 positionings rightly to ensure a prosperous home that brings the double blessings of wealth and health to you and your entire family.

Case Study of the house in Singapore

Structure Vastu Findings – Lower Floor


House has an entrance towards the east (of northeast)

Impact:- Success in business or career

The location of the kitchen in the north zone is a Vastu defect and need strong corrections

Impact:- Financial problems

The seating area in the south zone is auspicious and positive.

Impact:- Harmony

The staircase in the south zone is auspicious and a good location. It moves clockwise upward is good as per Vastu.

Impact:- Positive flow of energy

The t is close to the center and the correction

Impact:- Health issues

The dining location in the southeast is good

Impact:- No complaint about the food

Structure Vastu Findings- Upper Floor


The master bedroom in the southwest is the strongest location

Effect:- Strength and stability

Bedroom at southeast

Effect:- Not good for a couple

Bedroom at northeast

Effect:- Good for study or children

The toilet is close to the center & correction

Impact:- Health issues

Vastu Suggestions- Lower Floor

The front entrance in the zone “Jayanta” (victory), is excellent as per Vastu. The main door is the main threshold between the outer and the inner worlds. The front door is a doorway to wealth and health for the entire family. It should be the biggest door in the house compared to other doors inside the house.

The dining table should be square or rectangular in shape as per Vastu Shastra. Face east, west, or north while using a dining table. Avoid facing south while having a meal over the dining table.

Introduce fire elements in the southeast, Oven is a good choice. Alternatively, you can place a fire lamp or fire crystals in the southeast corner. When you use a crystal for Vastu (for space healing), the crystal’s vibration tunes into the malfunctioning emissions of the affected area and gently corrects them.

Keep the heavy unit in the southwest (zone of weight- earth element).

In a living area, place the image of the endless path on the north wall to give a virtual depth to the missing corner.

Temple can be placed in the northeast tranquility zone. Always prefer a temple made of wood or marble.

Vastu Suggestions- Upper Floor

Master bedroom

  • Sleep with head towards the south. This is the best room for the owner of the house.
  • Raise the flooring of this bedroom by keeping a wooden flooring or carpet.
  • Keep safe/cash in the unit in the southwest corner.
  • Place your working desk on the north wall.
  • Put earth crystals in the southwest corner of the bedroom to enhance Prithvi tattva. Crystals are the seeds from the mother earth.

South East Bedroom

  • Avoid the extreme southeast corner, if you are using this as a bedroom. Also, place Vastu painting in the room to reduce the impact of the fire element.
  • Place the storage unit on the south wall of this bedroom.
  • This room is good to use as a media room.

North East Bedroom

  • Use the bedroom towards the northeast as a study room or children’s bedroom.
  • Avoid any heavy furniture in the northeast. More open space in the northeast zone invites tranquil energy to the home.

Detailed  Vastu report of Singapore home indicates Vastu overall Rating A, Vastu strength 80%, which is good for the long term /permanent stay.

Importance of Locating exact Direction

Make note that the orientation of the property needs to be measured very accurately to the nearest degree; a few degrees off and you might get the reading of the house wrong and implement techniques incorrectly in the house.

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Why do you need a Vastu consultation?

Are you ready to transform your life and create a harmonious living space? Look no further than a Vastu consultation! I am thrilled to share with you the incredible benefits of Vastu Shastra and how consultation can bring positivity and balance into your home.

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on the energy flow in our environment. By understanding how energy, moves through our spaces, we can optimize it to enhance our well-being and attract abundance. A Vastu consultation is an opportunity to work with a knowledgeable expert who will guide you in creating an environment that supports your goals and dreams. During a Vastu consultation, the consultant will carefully assess your home or office, taking into account various elements such as the layout, colors, and furniture placement. They will analyze the flow of energy and identify any areas that may be blocking or stagnating it. By making adjustments and recommendations, they will help you create a space that promotes positive energy and aligns with your intentions.

Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, boost your career, or enhance your overall well-being, a Vastu consultation can provide valuable insights and solutions. The exciting part about a vastu consultation is the potential for transformation. Imagine walking into a space that feels inviting, peaceful, and full of possibilities. With the guidance of a Vastu expert, you can make simple changes that have a profound impact on your life. By removing clutter, rearranging furniture, and incorporating elements of nature, you can create a space that supports your goals and aspirations. The power of Vastu Shastra lies in its ability to harmonize the energy in our surroundings, allowing us to thrive and live our best lives.

Another exciting aspect of a Vastu consultation is the personalized guidance you will receive. Each person’s energy is unique, and a skilled consultant will take the time to understand your specific needs and desires. They will work with you to create a space that reflects your personality and aligns with your goals. Whether you are seeking more love, abundance, or peace in your life, a Vastu consultation can provide tailored recommendations to help you manifest your desires.

In conclusion, a Vastu consultation is an exciting opportunity to transform your living space and improve your well-being. By working with a knowledgeable consultant, you can optimize the energy flow in your home or office and create a harmonious environment that supports your goals and dreams.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the incredible benefits of Vastu Shastra – schedule a consultation today and unlock the potential for positive change in your life!

Avail of our  Long  Distance Vastu consultation, which includes:-

  • An in-depth Vastu analysis of the site as well as the floor plan.
  • An explanatory report detailing each zone of the site based on authentic Vastu principles.
  • Recommendations for rectification using natural elements, paintings, colors, etc.
  • Charts, tables, pictures as well as graphs to understand the recommendations.

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