staircase vastuStaircase as per vastu, Importance of staircase in vastu

A staircase connects two spaces i.e. internal and external as well as one level to another level. A staircase is one of the most important features in any structure. Staircase serves as an entrance to the upper level. Always position staircase towards the auspicious direction. Architects, interior designers and also vastu experts spares a considerable amount on locating a staircase in a new house. Consider following important suggestions on the staircase as per vastu.

Key Vastu suggestions for Staircase as per Vastu:

  • Front door facing the staircase is the most common problem as per Vastu. Consider steps going down towards the North, North East and East as auspicious according to the Vastu. Consider steps going up towards the North West, West, South West, South and South-east are as inauspicious as per Vastu.
  • Avoid placing a staircase in the centre of the house. It is like a hole piercing the heart.  Vastu considers it a “Major Fault”. It rather creates a heavy load on the heart of the house. It causes an energy drain for the house and impacts the health of the entire family. This will create a 24 x 7 stressful situation in the house. Avoid buying a house that has a staircase in the centre.
  • A water body under the staircase may impact the fate of the next generation. Avoid any water feature like a fountain, wash ba below the staircase.  Children will become more disobedient, hyper and, also lazy in such homes.
  • Place the internal staircase away from the front entrance view.  It rather cuts off the energy flow to the house.
  • Staircase towards the North and East sector should be avoided at any cost. Alternatively, the wooden staircase is permitted towards the North, North East, East or Southeast zone of the house.
  • Always place the solid earth structure of the staircase in the South or west zone of the house. The staircase is heavy which can bring down the energy flow if placed in the North, Northeast or East zone of the house.
  • The spiral staircase may look beautiful but Vastu never recommends a spiral staircase in the building. It is like a corkscrew boring into the house.  The Spiral staircase symbolizes unbalanced, irregular and, also unsafe movement.
  • A staircase should have an odd number of steps.  It is considered most auspicious to have steps 9,11,15,21.
  • Do not place  Prayer room under the staircase. A worship area under the staircase shows disrespect to the higher self.
  • A  flow of the staircase should be clockwise upward. This means your movement towards the upper floor should be in a clockwise manner.

staircase vastu

Vastu Remedies:-

A defective location of the staircase creates a Vastu defect in the house.

Use  Vastu arrows for the anti-clock movement of the staircase.

Fix load neutralizer pyramids for heavy staircase located towards the North and East sector. Staircase in the north or east sector is considered a major vastu defect.

Install the Vastu shift arrows on the staircase for the virtual shifting of the staircase.

Fix crystal strips under the guidance of Vastu experts incase of spiral staircase in the house. The spiral staircase in the house is a very serious Vastu defect.

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