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About Vastu

Vastu Shastra is the ancient system of positioning buildings in harmony with nature to bring about good fortune. Many forts, religious places, and cities are proof of  Vastu prevailing in India for centuries.

Many industrialists in India as well as now all over the world believe that good Vastu can attract prosperity, and growth and ward off poor luck. Vastu experts are consulted on everything from plot purchases and factory layouts to the enormous large engineering, chemical, and textile projects. The practice of Vastu Shastra was developed centuries ago in India as a system of harmonizing the energy of a space and the people around it.

Benefits of Industrial Vastu

  • A harmonious layout according to Vastu brings maximum utilization of the production capacity.
  • Making the workplace more productive.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and concentration of the employees.
  • Maximizing the potential for steady growth and financial abundance.
  • Quality products with minimum complaints.
  • Increase in goodwill in local as well as international markets.
  • Inspiration to Initiate ideas, innovation, and creativity.
  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate plot and structure for your Business.

 Vastu at Silvassa Vapi Daman

Beautiful industrial town Silvassa is located on the border of Gujarat and Maharastra surrounded by industrial town Silvassa Vapi Daman is a beautiful capital of the union territory, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is a big attraction for industrialists due to the tax-free status initially provided by the government. The growth of Silvassa in the past three decades was due to the presence of many industries from fields like chemicals, textiles, paints, engineering goods, etc.

Our team was invited by an industrialist to analyze the property from Vastu point of view & provide an opinion.

Case study for plot Vastu

industrial vastu


1. The shape of the plot was highly irregular with many corners, extensions, and cuts.
2. The plot has the main access from a south direction with a small road from the east making it an average plot to buy.
3. Level of the plot was uneven.
4. No geopathic stress was noticed by scanning with a dowsing rod.

Vastu corrections for stage one (plot planning):

1. It was recommended to make two parts of the plot in a proper Vastu shape leaving an excess margin for the outer landscaping.
2. The higher boundary was advised towards the south and access to the plot is made from the east by making a road further broad.
3. Level of a plot should be made higher at the west with further higher towards the south-west to enhance the Vastu strength of the plot

Vastu Energy-efficient techniques:-

1. Purify the plot from any negative energies of the previous occupants using a space-clearing method. To ensure a fresh and positive start in your new space, it is crucial to purify the plot from any lingering negative energies left behind by the previous occupants. One effective method to achieve this is by incorporating the principles of Vastu, an ancient Indian practice that focuses on harmonizing the energy flow within a space.

By following the space-clearing techniques prescribed by Vastu, you can create a clean and revitalized environment that promotes a sense of balance and well-being. Implementing these purifying measures will not only help in purging any negative vibrations but will also pave the way for positive energy to flow freely, creating a harmonious space that supports your goals and aspirations. So, embrace the wisdom of Vastu and let it guide you in purifying your plot, ensuring a renewed and uplifting atmosphere for a fresh beginning.

2. To enhance the water element in your space and promote positive energy flow, it is recommended to create a water channel towards the northeast using a zone balancing method as per Vastu. This method ensures that the water element is properly harnessed, providing a harmonious environment.

By strategically incorporating water into your surroundings, you can optimize the flow of energy and create a tranquil atmosphere. Following the principles of Vastu, the placement of the water channel in the northeast direction is believed to bring abundance, prosperity, and overall well-being. So, consider implementing this effective technique to enhance the water element in your space and maximize its positive impact.

3. Creating a green zone by strategically placing auspicious trees and plants under the architectural planning for the industrial layout is not only aesthetically pleasing but also in alignment with the principles of Vastu.

By incorporating a green zone towards the north and east direction, the industrial space can benefit from the positive energy and tranquility that nature offers. This thoughtful inclusion of trees and plants not only enhances the overall ambiance of the space but also creates a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural surroundings. Embracing the principles of Vastu and prioritizing the inclusion of greenery is a professional and mindful approach to industrial design.

4. When it comes to the placement of the fortune door (main gate) in a building, it is essential to consider the principles of Vastu. Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, emphasizes the importance of aligning spaces with positive energies. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that there are no obstacles obstructing the entrance as per Vastu guidelines.

A professional architect or a vastu consultant can guide you in determining the ideal placement of the entrance, ensuring a smooth and harmonious flow of energy throughout the site. By adhering to the principles of Vastu by the entrance, you can create a welcoming and auspicious atmosphere, promoting prosperity and well-being for the occupants of the building.

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