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Our services include thorough Vastu Shastra Consultation both on-location and remotely for newly proposed and currently existing residential or commercial properties. A Vastu consultation can be beneficial at any time when you need help, even from the beginning such as looking for the right location or creating internal designs.


OnSite Vastu Services- Personal Site Visit Consultation

When you should consult Vastu for home?

  • When you do not feel completely comfortable where you live and you do not understand why
  • When you feel that your home does not increase energy and potential
  • To maximize living space and enhance wellbeing; to decrease stress
  • You may have noticed a negative change in any aspect of life after moving into a new house, but not understand why.
  • The couple’s interpersonal relationship is out of balance.

What are the benefits of home Vastu consultation?

  • Having more support in life
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Raising awareness
  • Ability to see life opportunities clearly
  • Creation and realization of possibilities
  • More stability, joyfulness, and happiness
  • Clearing up old issues and problems (Not all consultants will tell you that this is an important part of a Vastu consultation)

When you should consult Vastu for business?

  • Planning a new office or factory and looking for a harmonious Vastu layout
  • When you want to design process flow in your manufacturing layout
  • When you are diversifying and planning to launch a new project
  • When you are moving your business to a new location
  • When you want to capitalize on the key people in your business and develop their potential

What are the benefits of business Vastu consultation?

  • It attracts and retains motivated and loyal employees who work well and work hard.
  • You have more gain when your working environment feels good.
  • A harmonious atmosphere promotes clear thinking, better decision-making, creativity, and productive results.
  • A harmonious atmosphere considered promotes clear thinking, better decision making, creativity, and productive results.

Consultation process

We usually start our onsite consultation with a thorough assessment of the Internal as well as external environment of the property. It involves taking an accurate compass reading, and measurements, and analyzing the shape, and, also the size of the property.
The whole process usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. It can take longer for large industries, complexes, or buildings to examine in greater depth.

Consultation Report

At the end of the consultation, we provide you with a Vastu report containing the plans, calculations, notes, recommendations, etc.  It helps you to use the Vastu principles either in a new or existing location.

We also advise you on enhancements, cures, timing, and, also changes to the building and its surroundings.

vastu shastra consultation

Post Consultation

Most importantly, we always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation. This helps us to monitor the progress you have made after the changes. We are always there to assist you after consultation should you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted. Most noteworthy, we always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Consultation Charges

The best way for you: is to call us and discuss the project with us, and we will quote you an individual offer based on your specific requirements. Each consultation is different, so it is best to account for that when requesting a fee estimate or quotation.

Alternatively, you can send us the following information to get quotes for Vastu consultation services:-
1. Size/area of the premises
2. Location of the site
3. Details on the site, i.e. no. of floors, rooms, the approximate area of constructions, etc.

 Contact for onsite Vastu quotation  We will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Other Vastu Consultation options

Long Distance- Remote Email Consultation (Quick & Easy process)

We have conducted long-distance consultations all over the world including in major cities of the USA, UK, UAE, and Thailand. Click here for more information. Contact us for an off-site -Vastu report-Opinion or evaluation of the new or existing property or for complete Vastu planning of a new home or an office.

Personal Consultation-Meet us personally

Our team Vastuplus is available for a personal consultation at our office in Mumbai (India) with a prior appointment. Meet us personally with a floor plan of your home or business.  Kindly take a prior appointment before visiting our office. Click here to know more about personal consultation.

How to select the best from multiple plans, click here to know more

Nitien Parmar Chief Vastu Consultant

Nitien Parmar is supported by a team of experts who looks after Vastu designs, Clients Feedback, I. T., Marketing, and back-office work.

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