corporate office vastuThe practice of Vastu Shastra has an impact on the success and productivity levels of any kind of business. Everything from where desks are positioned to the type of lighting used is considered necessary, according to the vastu experts.

Important of  Vastu for Business

The philosophy behind the practice of Vastu is very simple. It aims to attract auspicious energy to bring more business year after year. Many of most modern business houses and entrepreneurs favor Vastu principles. Applying Vastu techniques could dramatically revolutionize your business success. The business will flourish. It helps you to increase sales, bring more customers, efficient staff and good profit.  Poor Vastu planning in the office can lead to miscommunication amongst the clients, employees, and consultants. It may also affect your business reputation resulting in limited growth.

How can Vastu Shastra help my business?

The goal of the Vastu is to enhance the productive area and to minimize the adverse effects of certain areas In case of Business Vastu, most important are the entrances to the building and offices, the sales and marketing areas, conference room as well as master place. By promoting good vibrations in these areas, business owners can avoid making mistakes that can lead to the failure of the business. Simple manipulation of the business space can lead to higher productivity levels and greater prosperity.

Main Gate Entrance – A Door to Prosperity

vastu for officeThe main door allows entry to good energy or bad energy,  if we are not careful. Indeed, much care has to be given while planning the main door. It is very much important that the door has nothing in direct alignment like a tree, telephone or electric pole etc. which is can create a frequent obstacle for business to prosper. The path leading to the front door should be spacious and well lit. Placing a leaved plants two sides near the door is also helps in purifying the energy coming in. Let go of any objects in your main door area that are not really needed there, such as the dustbins in view, dried plants, old unused pots, etc. Good business Vastu arrangement is a must for a business to prosper.

Consider the landscape

vastu hillA business place that is located near the base of a hill with elevated land on the south, as well as the west side, brings steady growth to the business. Open land at North and East is believed to bring excellent prosperity and good fortune according to Vastu principles. It is best to avoid having premises with a hill towards the north or east. also avoid locations having a water body in the south and west direction. The ideal scenario would be to face a river or pond towards the north or east. A small business or office can place artificial water features in the northeast area.

Consulting Vastu expert for business

When considering setting up a new business or an expansion of a business or renovating a present space, the practice of Vastu shastra should be taken into consideration. It is vital for business owners to create a sense of harmony and balance and to encourage clients to want to come back time and time again.

An experienced practitioner of Vastu can guide business owners when they are searching for a good location or relocate their business. Once a site is finalized, the Vastu expert can determine the building’s unique orientation by analyzing the environment, both from the inside as well as outside. He can make recommendations on whether the building would be a smart choice, and if it is, how best to get from the site. Great balancing can be made with five natural elements of Vastu shastra to create an environment that is in line with the vastu

The consultation process for business Vastu

Vastu offers a specific arrangement that helps in achieving a balanced as well as harmonious work environment. Being your business Vastu consultant, we create the right thriving environment for your business. This can make a huge difference in your corporate success.


  • Understanding the client needs and concern
  • Preliminary plan
  • Workflow


  • Survey of building Vastu (External environment)
  • Measurement of the premises
  • Dowsing of energy flow


Vastu report containing

  • Vastu finding of the existing premises
  • Key Vastu layout
  • Front lobby as well as reception
  • Planning of key positions i.e. Directors, CEO, Manager and top executives
  • Zone wise planning for different functions i.e. marketing, HR, accounts, administration, legal etc.
  • Balancing five element of Vastu
  • Vastu grade
  • Vastu Strength
  • Five element chart
  • Correcting Vastu problems
  • Green Zone
  • Identifying power spot position
  • Paintings as well as  symbols


Follow up after consultation

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