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house-door-vastuVastu  for Entrance

Vastu emphasizes the value of the main entrance to a home because it is believed to be the gateway for life energy that brings good Health, abundance of Wealth, and harmony, as well as luck. Buildings or apartments that are constructed according to Vastu principles, especially those with a fortunate entrance, tend to be more valuable and sought-after.

Creating an auspicious entryway into the home will bring positive vibes. If you can design the main entrance in the direction of wealth, it will draw lots of prosperity, peace, and joy to the house.  Doors including windows are the vitality of any structure. If windows are the eyes, then your front door is probably considered to be the mouth.

Importance of Entrance

Urja (energy) enters the house through doors and windows. However, the front door is where the major part of the energy enters your house. Therefore the main door according to Vaastu plays an important role in determining the flow of vibrations experienced by the household. If you find it difficult to choose from multiple properties, this article could be helpful in making a final decision.

Vastu Door position


From searching to finalizing the deal, there are many things to think about when choosing a new home. Should you also consider which direction your new house faces? The direction and location of the front door determine the quality of energy that enters the home. It is auspicious to have a main entrance in the positive zone according to the Vastu grid layout. Wherever the entrance of any home or building is in a positive location, the residents enjoy better health, increasing prosperity, and harmonious relations with others. 

Wherever houses are facing negative zones, it will disconnect you from the positive elements of life. Vastu realignment, corrections as well as remedies are necessary to avoid any negative impact. Poor entrance results in difficulties in recognizing and responding to opportunities. Correction of the door in the negative zone can be rectified with simple Vastu corrections. It should be done under the guidance of experienced Vastu experts. The main door for the entire building as well as an individual house needs to consider while evaluating the door effects as per Vastu.

How to mark front door as per Vastu door grid?

The following house has a main door towards the north. According to the Vastu door grid, a location is in the auspicious zone. It makes the family enjoying a happier life, abundance in business or job, and harmony all the time.


Vastu for Entrance

  • Make sure that your house entrance opens at 90 degrees paving a way for the energy to circulate without hindrance. Avoid any shoe rack or furniture behind the door, which restricts the door to open fully. Such a house will have a short supply of the required auspicious energy. It will lead to limited opportunities for the occupants residing in the house. Move items or furniture that are blocking the front door from opening all the way. 
  • A home with a dark and dull entrance invites a negative flow of energy.
  • The house should not have cracking sounds from hinges while opening the main door. It is “Swar Vedha” (sound obstacle) according to the Vastu. A sticky door may indicate that something is not working in your life or that you feel stuck or irritated by something.

Fresh Vibes

There’s only one chance to make a good first impression, and the front entrance is where that happens. Don’t underestimate its importance for making your home welcoming!

  • The entrance area should be neat and clean.  Create an inviting front entrance lobby with a side table and salt lamp, a vase full of fresh flowers, or even a beautiful idol of the blessing buddha.
  • Avoid having a dustbin near the entrance. This is the main access area of the house, where the fresh energy is coming in, so we do not want it to go straight into the trash bin.
  • Your Main Door should always open in a clockwise direction. Anti-clock movement of the door causes a delay in important work, slow progress, and a difference of opinion among the family members. 


  • The entrance door of the house should be larger than the other doors inside the house. A smaller door restricts the flow of energy and opportunities in life.
  • When one enters the house, there should not be a wall in front of the entrance. The front door should open inward in an open space. A wall less than five feet after entrance may block your ability to go ahead in life. It is advised to place a beautiful landscape picture that will visually open up space.
  • There should be a door that opens to the next room or open space immediately after entering the room.

How do Surroundings affect the entrance of the house?

  • Avoid entrance facing the T junction or T intersection, which according to Vastu means the house will be overwhelmed by the negative energy.
  • Any shadow of a surrounding tree, building, temple, etc. should not fall on the main door.
  • It is good to decorate a house’s entrance with auspicious symbols. The front door is the face of your home that should always look as good as possible. 
  • Property with a lift well opposite facing the front door is a major Vastu issue. If you live in an apartment, your front door should not face the elevator or staircase. All of your efforts and hard work will fly away and down through the fast-moving energy of the staircase and elevator.

Precautions about Vastu for entrance (main door)

  • Inauspicious pictures or artwork should not be placed on the door.
  • The staircase in front of the main door impacts positively or negatively based on its location. It is a myth that the staircase going down is inauspicious for all main door directions.
  • The main door of the house should not be below ground level. There should not be an underground water tank, septic tank, or canal under the main entrance. There should not be any abandoned, wrecked buildings in front of the main entrance. Such situations are highly inauspicious.
  • The Main Door should not have cracks. As per Vastu Shastra for Entrance, it is indeed very inauspicious to have the main door in unwelcoming condition.
  • Avoid dying plants as well as clutter near the entrance. If you want good Vastu vibes in the home taking clutter away from the entrance should be first on your priority list.
  • Avoid door with jail ( prison-like bars) pattern. 

Footwear at entrance

  • All energies in the environment settle on a ground level including earth energies. Our footwear sometimes carries bad energy from work as well as traffic. Removing shoes outside the door protects the house from negative influences. Make sure that all shoes are kept inbox instead of piling up at the entrance view.  Keep it nicely and well organized.

Enhance your  Front entrance

  • Doors should have thresholds preferably made of marble or wood based on the direction of the entrance.
  • Display wealth symbols like elephants, wealth pots, etc. near the entrance to attract auspicious wealth energy. 
  • Anything connected with your religion, such as a Yantra, a Ganesh idol, a cross, or scriptures from the Gita, Bible, or Quran should be placed above the front door.
  • Enhance your front entrance by putting coins in multiple of three under the threshold for the main door. Brass, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper, and brass coins can be used based on the directions of the house.
  • Use a colorful doormat with a beautiful message at the front entrance.

Before buying the property, the best way to decide will be to check your floor plan with a Vastu Consultant

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