India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is the most dynamic city in the world.  This city is the headquarters for India’s largest IT outsourcing firms such as Infosys, TCS, and Wipro. Many new startups and the world’s top tech companies have their main offices in Bengaluru. Many employees in the corporate world have to shift from one city to another city. This is due to a change in job or shifting of the company office.

One of our clients from Mumbai has recently shifted to Bangalore. He was looking for an apartment as an investment.  Since he has availed our services in the past for his Mumbai house, he immediately called us to check the apartment Vastu he proposed to buy. As a Vastu consultant, we have successfully done numerous off-site email consultations in Bengaluru as well as in many cities around the world.


He has shortlisted one apartment from the various ongoing construction new projects around Bangalore (Bengaluru) in various areas like Malleswaram, Hebbal, Indira Nagar, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Banashankari, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, Ulsoor, Whitefield, Rajaji Nagar, Richmond Town, Benson Town, Basavanagudi, Cooke town, RMV extension, etc. The Knight Frank Wealth Report identifies Bengaluru as one of the hotspots around the world for private property (plot, residential and commercial property) investments. According to them, it is a good time for buyers to invest in homes and offices. A new metro network and easy housing loans are attracting new investors to Bengaluru. There is an increase in demand for architects, interior designers, and Vastu consultant in Bengaluru.

Importance of Vastu while investing in new property

While there are certain limitations when living in an apartment like your inability to control and improve the energy from the outdoor environment, there are several easy ways for you to improve the flow of positive energy within your apartment or home by using a simple and easy to follow Vastu arrangements. If you want to attract extraordinary success in life, go with Vastu flow. Vastu analysis help in identifying key “power spot” in your home.  Most noteworthy, it guides you in adding specific wealth enhancers in your space.

Vastu is a big secret to living richly. You will be able to attract true success instead of chasing success.

Case study and Vastu findings for Bengaluru apartment:-

vastu consultant bangaloreDirections

An apartment (flat) in Bengaluru was oriented in the diagonal direction, which reduced the earth’s magnetic influence. Vastu systems, like most, identify the lucky and unlucky directions of various rooms to help you make a property purchase decision. As with most Vastu systems, the magnetic directions are critical to the success of a property.

The proper location of all key element as per directions allow you to tap into the finest, most potent energy; the wrong directions obviously do the opposite. It is important to orient your premises correctly in order to conduct accurate assessments to see how the energy flows in and around your area.


The location of the main door was in a positive zone according to the Vastu grid. Positive placement of the front door will connect you to more positive events in life. It is important to have a front main entrance in a positive zone to allow prosperity, good fortune, and opportunities to come into your home and life.

Bed Room

The master bedroom in the west of the southwest sector was in accordance with Vastu. Such a location strengthens the bond between couples. It also improves the love life. According to experts,  your bedroom is a place where life energy is calmer, more relaxed, and soothing.

We all spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. So there’s no excuse not to try to improve all Vastu elements of our master bedroom. This includes sleeping directions, colors, windows, paintings, decorative objects, etc.


 The location of the Kitchen in the south zone is not a  positive location as per Vastu.  A kitchen in the south harms the reputation of the owner.  Solo professionals find it difficult to gain popularity in their careers or business.


Two bathrooms-toilets in the southeast zone (prosperity zone) are Vastu defects. It may impact financial liquidity. Women in the house may suffer from frequent sickness.

Improvement and Vastu corrections

  • A door energizer was recommended to attract more prosperous energy to the house.
  • A shift energy tool was recommended in the report to redirect the flow of the energy towards the true direction.
  • A painting of warli was recommended to bring the loving energy into the couple’s bedroom.
  • Partition strips of wood are recommended to install on the bathroom frame to cut off the flow of negative vibes.
  • A Vastu salt in the wooden bowl was recommended to place inside the bathroom.
  • Keep the jade plant in the prosperity sector to rectify the bathroom defect.
  • In addition to the above prosperity idol, money crystals were recommended to improve the good fortune of the owner.

Vastu evaluation &  Opinion by Vastu Consultant:-

home vastu shastra consultantAbove plan has four important locations which are the deciding factors for new purchase as per vastu.

  • Door (Positive)
  • Master bedroom (positive)
  • Kitchen (Neutral)
  • Toilets (Negative)
  • Shape (Positive)
  • Brahmassthan (Positive)

Vastu strength 70 to 75%

Vastu Opinion:-Recommended subject to the strong Vastu remedies for the kitchen as well as toilets. Get a detailed Vastu plan once the apartment is ready for the possession.

vastu consultant bengaluru

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