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Education is a lifelong pursuit. We never stop learning and growing, even when we leave our school days far behind. Vastu can help transform average but hard-working students into high achievers. Most noteworthy, full potentials can be met and hidden abilities can be discovered with simple Vastu suggestions. For most parents, it is easy to send kids to a good school but often forget that is not enough. The room they study must be conducive to excel in their academic performance.  The direction of their desk, colors in the room, artwork on display, bed location, etc. are key placements for kids to feel focused and joyful. Learning is the single best investment of our time that we make.

Few questions  that can be answered by the Vastu system

  • How should be the most exciting or effective learning environment as per Vastu?
  • What is the best way to improve my study level?
  • How can my children improve their academic skills?
  • Do directions have any impact on memory?
  • How to cultivate positive habits, so kids can improve their performance?

Benefits of positive Vastu arrangement in the kids’ room

  • Children will find themselves less distracted.
  • Your child will be a better family member, a better friend, a bright student.
  • Their mind will become sharp.
  • Children may leave for higher studies.
  • The child will be able to make study in a much more focused and effective way than before.
  • They can filter our de-motivating energies and concentrate on their studies.
  • It will improve their focus muscle.
  • The learning abilities of the child improve.
  • It tends to make kids calm and focused. A focus is a basic ingredient for academic performance.

Social media and its impact on Kids

kids educations and studies vastuThe one serious bad effect of social media is an addiction – the constant checking of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media updates.  There are plenty of good things about social media — but also many risks and things kids and teens get attracted.  Spending too much time on social media can be a downer too. Kids don’t always make good choices when they post something to a social site, and this can lead to problems and distractions in their studies and daily life.

Hence it is necessary for the parent to make their study room well organized as per Vastu recommendations to focus their energy on their studies instead of electronic notifications.

All your academic worries for your kids end here. Get set to top…………….

Below are some Vastu Shastra for Education solutions designed to help students perform well academically:

Location of Study Room

  • The study room should be located in the east, northeast, or north of the house/home. These directions are the most auspicious and beneficial. It helps them to concentrate better on their studies & improve their education skills. Northeast room for the student spells scholarly achievements. It turns out, can produce an awesome academic result.
  • The placement of the study table is important. You should place the study table facing east or north to ensure that while studying the child is facing either of these directions.  There should be open space in front of the child, which encourages fresh ideas and approaches and breaks the monotony of lengthy study sessions.
  •  Avoid the study below under the beam. The beam carries the burden of a whole building structure, which almost causes a lack of concentration. Students need uninterrupted & carefully directed concentrations.
  • Avoid the study desk under the toilet located on the upper floor. This will create sick energy.
  • The children’s / Study room should be vibrant and cheerful. Use of colors like yellow, orange, green, etc., which are highly recommended by the Vastu experts. Avoid using black as well as other dark colors in study rooms.
  • Books should be placed in the bookshelves rather than above the study table. Books scattered on the desk generates heavy pressure on students & also creates unnecessary stress.vastu-kids-study
  • Stationary should be in ready to use condition. Non-working pens, unsharpened pencils, torn books, etc. creates a negative vibe.
  • Students’ study table or desk should be clean and clutter-free.
  • The light should be bright in children’s rooms, so it should be easy on the eyes.
  • An adequate amount of natural light and air is a must in the Study Room. While studying the shadow of the child should not fall on the study table.
  • Pillars, Columns, sharp-pointed edges of furniture and, also open shelves act as obstructions and distracts concentration, make sure to curve the edges.
  • Never face a  toilet or the back of the toilet while studying. It may cause kids to lose focus.
  • The Study table should be square or rectangle in Shape
  • Avoid placing shoes under your study Table.

Increase in concentration

  • A student should sleep with his/her head towards the east.
  • A study prayer before bed helps you to focus on your studies. When you have focused attention, you will improve your memory. You will sustain your concentration on anything serious and important.
  • Children can practice yoga in the early morning to increase their concentration. A mind is like a muscle and just like every muscle in the human body, it needs to be exercised to gain strength.
    It allows you to direct your brainpower in a focused manner. 


Energizing and enhancing study zone

amethyst stone

  • Crystals may be placed in a location where their therapeutic vibrations may be felt by whosoever is nearby. Keep amethyst crystal near the study desk. Amethyst crystal clusters are utilized to keep the air and vitality in the space pure and favorable. Amethyst is highly beneficial to student, scholars, and writers
  • Pictures and Paintings should be used carefully in the study room. Galloping Horse, a rising Sun, Running car, etc. can be displayed in the children’s room. Such pictures work as an energy booster for better performance in their studies. Puzzles, pictures of sad moods, pictures of war, etc. should be avoided in the study room.
  • Sports & Study Certificates & Trophy won by Child should be on South Wall.

Most important:- Vastu is not a substitute for hard work

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