Vastu Shastra Tips for Career

vastu tips for careerWhen new opportunities arise – sometimes popping up without notice – will you be ready for them? There are many things you can do to increase your chances of being prepared for these opportunities when they appear. As it does with every main life aspect, Vastu shastra also provides guidance to help you improve & boost your professional career.

If your life is not moving on in the way according to your vision, it may be due to the lack of balance and harmony within your environment. Successful executives develop certain practices that help them dominate in every single area. Your surrounding is your best friend, whether you are working in a big corporate or running your own establishment.

If you find a specific challenge at work right now, you can rearrange your desk. Vastu provides simple techniques which help you flourish in your career.

In this article, we would like to explore a few different ways (Vastu tips)  you can try to improve your career

Vastu recommends the right way to sleep.

Sleep with the head towards the east which will help you in improving your career. Research shows that it increases your concentration and mental energy. 

Direction of desk


If you are already in a job and looking for a promotion, you need to check the direction which you are facing on the desk. A properly placed desk gives you both security and strength, which inspires you to achieve your career goals. When working at the office or at home, face east or north. It will help you in getting your hard work noticed by your seniors. As a result, some people get promoted several times. 

Your front door is the gateway to all opportunities

The main door of your house also should be in the positive zone to have career growth in a positive direction. Your house gets its energy and nourishment from your front entrance. The location of the entrance in the inauspicious direction may restrict your career growth. The front door must also be larger than other doors inside the house.

Painting and artwork


Paintings and artwork make people optimistic about their future. Art can be used to help spread a message of inspiration, making people achieve great things in life. Art can be a form of communication between people, to focus on common issues for the betterment of humankind. Painting of endless paths, flowing rivers, rising sun, etc. are the highly recommended symbol or painting in the house. 

Colours to boost career prospect


Use warm colors, such as yellow, red, and orange to stimulate your career area. Use cool colors, such as blue, pink, and green, to calm down excessive emotions. Colour nourishes and influences the field of energy around everything.  Today, color therapists have also gathered evidence that the body and mind quickly respond to colors in our surroundings. 

Power of Rock and crystals


Use some powerful personal crystals around your desk to have more energy to work efficiently and get a promotion to a job. Crystal and rock create a feeling of strength, stability, and security. They are the best source of earth elements- one of the key elements of Vastu Shastra. Working and operating more efficiently and productively may be possible if you are surrounded by less ‘stressful energies’—which crystals can help eliminate.

Activate the North, a Career Area With Water Elements

The water element governs the north sector. This aura can improve and bolster your career pursuits once it has been activated. You must activate the water element to correct a career that has gone off course or to boost your career prospects. The north sector is controlled by the water element. It will attract more career opportunity luck if you activate it.


  • Avoid toilets towards the north zone of your house.   This can restrict your career or job opportunities. It also makes your mind distracted and your feeling silenced. Get it corrected with the Vastu remedies to go ahead with your work without any major hindrance.
  • Do not seat below the beam while working at your desk. The overhead beam is considered to be “pressing down”  the luck. Sitting under the beam may give you unnecessary pressure at work. Also, it diminishes your working capacity. Long exposure to overhead beams causes a reduction in work efficiency and also causes vastu

These are new but effective keystone practices that can make you creative and motivated.

Highly successful people stay in a positive environment, so keep your space in the right tone. You will be more result-oriented rather than busy.

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