Impact of Overhead Beams – A Vastu Analysis

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Overhead beam press downs luck

Most dangerous energy comes from overhead beams. Those overhead beams used for construction actually harm and drain your body and wealth of energy! 

Overhead beams have a bad reputation in Vastu. Beams generate very punitive as well as heavy sort of energy. One has to be very careful about any overhead beam in the house or office. You must get a signal to be alert to this problem and understand the bad effects of the presence of a beam.

The person sleeping under the beam could have a bad fortune because the beam carries the burden of a whole building structure, which almost causes pressing down the luck. 

Overhead Beam over the dining table is also considered to be bad. Students studying below a beam could not concentrate on their studies. They also get poor results in their examinations.

Hence any sort of important activities like sleeping, working, or studying under the beam should always be avoided. Having a beam above your office chair is also considered a serious Vastu defect. Health issues can arise if the overhead beam is lined up directly with any part of the body for a prolonged period of time, according to well-established Vastu principles.”

Sleeping or working under an overhead beam can cause the following symptoms

  • You have a feeling that you are not getting a good night’s rest.
  • When you wake up, you are still exhausted as if you have not slept at all.
  • You are suffering from a headache.
  • You feel as if life is a treadmill, where you only work & work
  • Feeling of discomfort, as if something is weighing you down. Consequently, it affects your personal harmony.
  • A stressful environment in the office.

Overhead Beam Vastu Effects

  • A beam above your main entrance might restrict or visually limit the incoming flow of energy as this will be considered bad as per Vastu.
  • The effect of the overhead beam depends on the height of the ceiling, the size of the beam, and several other factors. A beam with a low ceiling is highly inauspicious as per Vastu. A very high ceiling, artificial beam, or beam without any load is not considered a Vastu defect.
  • Overhead beam negatively impacts your health only if you sit or sleep under it for a long time period; for example 6 to 8 hours every day.
  • A child sleeping in a room with an exposed ceiling beam is likely to be rebellious or restless.
  • Bed occupants are subjected to downward energy pressure.

Is the dummy beam Vastu fault?

A dummy beam does not impact as they do not carry any heavy load on the structure.

Vastu Remedies

Do Vastu remedies really work to neutralize the energy of the beam above the bed?

Remedies act as an easy channelizing of energy flow. There are techniques you can adopt that will reduce the negative impact due to bad Vastu placements.

The overhead beam can be an extremely negative presence in a house if not managed properly. 

  • To permanently fix this, you can construct a fake ceiling or artificial wall that “removes” the beam from the room. What you don’t see will cause little harm. You will be able to sleep well and live happily ever after. This will protect your health and relationship from heavy energy.
  • Make a false ceiling to hide the beam.
  • A  cork swastika in pair on both sides of the overhead beam helps in neutralizing the harmful effects.
  • A pair of axis pyramids fixed on the beam also works as an energy neutralizer.

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