Vastu Shastra for Business Meeting

Meetings are excellent tools for generating ideas, expanding on thoughts and managing group activity. But this face-to-face contact with team members and colleagues can easily fail in spite of adequate preparation and effective leadership.

Ever attend a meeting, either at the office or at a conference center, where the room looked as uninspiring? Maybe there was too much clutter, or the desks and chairs were unorganized. Or perhaps the room was too small or too big for the size of the group. Whatever the case, a poorly arranged conference room can end up as more of a distraction than a room of production and can severely affect the outcome of a meeting.

Modern work space have challenges every time. Sitting in a dull, lifeless conference room might not motivate even the highly talented individual to speak up and take action, leading to an unproductive & uncomfortable meeting.

Vastu Shastra for Business Meeting

For such reason, many conference centers and businesses in foreign & now in India have turned to vastu ( or feng shui) experts to create a room that inspires and fosters imagination and focus. The power of vastu, an ancient architecture has been creating harmony & creativity in the meeting place, improving productivity and helping participants to release their energy as well as their bright ideas.
By following the age-old practice of Vastu, you can create a meeting or conference room that not only looks better but feels better too.

Valuable suggestions for Vastu Shastra for Business Meeting

1. Color selection makes an impression about organizational values and cultures. Sunny shades make workers feel cheerful. So the use of orange, royal blue, yellow, white or green is highly recommended in the meeting room. Gray tends to emit negativity and can create that feeling in the atmosphere. The color red represents aggression, untidiness, and conflict. Choose a color for your conference room that best represents your values and goals. It will also create a productive, happy meeting environment.

2. When it is an internal office meeting, the chief should occupy the chair at south-west & other participants to face east or west direction. No person should be facing south while having an interoffice meeting. The higher chair is recommended for chief of the meeting.

3. When it is a business discussion, you should be facing the north for meeting to be successful. This is recommended to get the benefits of earth magnetic forces traveling through the north-south axis.

4. According to vastu an irregular shaped object gives off an irregular shaped energy pattern. The ancient people knew this concept. Square or rectangular shape emits organized positive flow of the energy. Hence the conference table in rectangular or square shape is highly recommended according to the vastu science. Such shape represents the stability and growth.

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