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A booming Indian economy with rising disposable income, the real estate market has been on an upward spiral in recent times. Over 90% of Home, office, and also commercial property buyers look for Vastu shastra compliant house or property according to leading Realty Portal.
When established principles of the Vastu shastra are applied with a proper understanding of the environment of the home or office, watch the changes. It can be fascinating and profitable. If you are planning to sell your house, then Vastu is an amazing tool to make your selling effort result oriented. Buying or selling in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkatta, or Chennai is a big task. Such cities are not a cheap place for investments.

There are many things that the owner or agent may incorporate in the home to “attract” the interested potential buyer. Good natural as well as artificial lights, beautifully arranged furniture, green pathway, live plants, nice lobby, lovely entrance, etc if placed according to the Vastu, will make vibrations very positive. All this arrangement can be done very easily, inexpensively, and without altering the general style or trends already established on the premises.


selling home propertySelling a house is very personal as well as an emotional issue. The reason is that you and your family have developed a strong attachment to the home over the years. Houses are more than just a structure; they are homes and places of wonderful memories. Everyone must be sincerely mentally and emotionally prepared to let go, a process that can be difficult. If all but is still hanging emotionally with the house, the sale cannot occur. This is because those feelings are blocking the flow of energy that fosters the chances of the sale of the house.

Many Real Estate Agents in Mumbai, India had a problem in reselling the Prime Commercial Properties as well as Residential Projects. This may also due to a Slump in Realty Demand & Over Supply of unsold Properties. Many Prime Properties listed on Realty Portal like,,,, etc are not selling in spite of many buyers taking interest in the property.

Vastu Case Studyvastu case studies

Our expert has made a visit to a home in Bandra, Mumbai. Upon entering from the main entrance, he was greeted by a dark lobby. Inside the house, everything was fine and welcoming. He just suggested a few plants and good light at the entrance. He also suggested to apply salt water cure and to sprinkle a eucalyptus with water in the whole house along with a few other remedies. This home sold within a week for a more than the asking price. So simple solutions and great results.

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Why does the buyer refuse to purchase a property?

If you’re looking to sell a home with good prices, make sure it has no Vastu problems. Some people refuse to buy homes that have Vastu issues in them for fear of the bad luck and misfortune they might bring into their lives. Even some deals take longer to close because buyers demand a Vastu inspection.

thumbs down negativityNegativity in the house:- Buyer feels uncomfortable and uneasy while making a visit to such premises.  Vibrations are weaker at such places.

Bad history of the house:- Some buyer refuses to visit the property which has a history of insolvency or death in the house. They consider property having a serious illness in the family as a bad Vastu.

The irregular shape of the house: –A house with L shape or with many cuts is not a good choice to buy as per Vastu. Such L shape creates instability in life.

Serious Vastu defect:- Property is difficult to sell when it has some serious Vastu defects like toilets or kitchen in the northeast, pillar in center,  inauspicious door location etc. Hence such property fetches lower prices.

What can be done? How to use Vastu for getting an opportunity to selling a property at a good price?tibetan om bell

  • Get five elements of Vastu balanced in the house. Correct these by using the Vastu corrective method under the supervision of a Vastu expert.
  • Get space purified with Vastu tools.  Apply sound therapy to correct the Vastu defect. Purify space attracts good vibrations resulting in a quick sale.
  • Use property sale yantra to attract the desired buyer. Place this yantra in the northeast corner of the property and watch the good offer coming in your way.

Not able to sell the property? Getting queries but not getting the real deal? There are possibilities of property having a multiple or major Vastu defect.-Get your property evaluated by our experts.  Send your floor plan Click here

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