Vastu Energy Scan – Clear Negative Vibes from Your Premises

What is Energy Scan?

Our homes  are like rechargeable batteries using the Earth and the cosmos to recharge. According to Vastu, earth is a prime element which gives us everything we need to survive. We have a constant flow of energy from our feet (earth) to our minds. Energy Scan provides a scan of your surrounding energy  with the aim of seeing what may be out of balance, blocked  or in need of attention. An energy scan is a system used by Vastu  experts (feng shui consultant also) to let you know where the problem areas are within your space. It helps in locating  root problem on an energetic level of entire home or specific area in your space. Simple ways to clear the negative vibes from your home as well as business location.

Remote Energy Scan (Distance Vastu scan)

vastu home energy scanUsing  floor plans,  drawings, layout and photos of existing premises, our team does scanning  by dowsing tools and lecher antenna. Lecher Antenna is an instrument that diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths. The Lecher Antenna measures the energy fields of the house.  Remote energy scan available at extra services charges along with  Vastu consultation.

Following details are required:-

  • Images of your  premises i.e. main door, living area, Kitchen, Bedrooms, washrooms, study room, bedroom, exterior  etc . to scan energy of house
  • Google location address
  • Floor plan of  premises for scanning

Physical Energy Scan (Personal Onsite Vastu scan)

Lecher Antenna, Dowsing rods and, also  pendulums instruments helps in sensing and scanning energetic field.  These systems has been utilized for thousands of years in every culture. Vastu experts guides you  on how to promote  beneficial energies and alter or avoid negative energies in external as well as internal environments. Physical Vastu scanning is very helpful  while buying a new plot, villa, residential apartment, industrial unit and also, commercial office. Energy level can be  measured either by Lecher Antenna or Dowsing Rod with much more accuracy.

Why you need Vastu Energy Scan?
Feel like you’ve picked up some bad vibes lately? Whether it’s due to exposure from a negative environment. This may be due to serious vastu defects on your premises. Cleaning your aura is very essential for spiritual hygiene. By cleaning your polluted vibes with energy healing, you protect yourself against the bad luck and frequent illness.

Impact of Bad vibes/ Aura:-
Poor Luck
Obstacles in business or  Career
Unstable relationship
Hyper children
Lack of concentration
Poor Academic growth
Lack of support from friends or  relatives

Removing energy blocks with Vastu recommendations

Regular practice of energy scanning in our consultation has helped us to develops our sensitivity to energy. Vastu improves lifeforce energy in positive way  blocked or reduced due to wrong placements. Vastu healing procedure corrects stress level or disharmony in the house.  

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