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We have worked with numerous clients who have specific issues related to marriage. Many parents, especially in India,  have a concern about the timely marriage of either their younger son or daughter.  Also, a boy or girl wants their parents to love and admire the partner they have chosen. Instead, they can’t see past their own traditions, values, or prejudices. There are multiple issues that be fine-tuned with simple suggestions and rectification.

Vastu for Marriage – Vastu has helped so many people find a soul mate — a quick and desirable life partner. Vastu arrangement can magically help you to attract a true life partner instead of chasing or searching for true love. A study indicates that healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental, emotional and physical health.

A Case Study on Vastu Shastra for Marriage

One of our business clients who stays in Vashi ( Navi Mumbai) has called us for a specific issue related to his daughter’s marriage.  We have already done his house Vastu consultation two years back. We were asked to energize and activate his daughter’s bedroom.

A solution – attract the relationship

marriage-partner-vastuWe have introduced relationship colors in the bedroom along with the images that depict the male energy. Used Vastu enhancers like relationship energy plates, harmony crystals, and love grids to bring auspicious energy.
Simply it took about two months to show its results. His daughter tied the knot with an industrialist from Surat city in Gujarat.
Even if anyone has an inactive love life, Vastu offers some simple solutions for a better relationship. A small change in your environment can bring wonderful moments in your love life. We also introduce relationship crystals during Vastu corrections to have a quick and positive result during our consultations.

Consider the following points to evaluate  your space to attract a wonderful life partner

  • Check your sleeping direction.
  • Location and direction of your bedroom.
  • Wall painting, artwork, and symbols in your bedroom.
  • Colors in your bedroom
  • Mirrors and wall units in your bedroom.
  • Bathrooms attached to your room.

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What are the benefits of marriage?

  • Study shows that husbands and wives are healthier, happier, and enjoy longer lives than those who are not married.
  • They have a lower chance of getting depressed. Research at  Carnegie Mellon University found that married people face less psychological stress than their single counterparts.
  • Married couples build more wealth on average than unmarried persons.
  • Marriage creates the social bonds yield benefits not only for the family but for others as well, including the larger society.

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