Vastu Yantra

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Yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of divinity, usually the Mother Goddess. It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles, and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of elegance and beauty. Yantras are now becoming increasingly popular in the personal as well as the business sector.

Residential premises, shops, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels & temples should be designed according to Vastu principles. If there is any severe or major defect in the premises, there are many ways to appease Vastu God. Out of these Yantra, installation is a simple but highly effective way of curing Vastu faults. By installing of various kinds of yantra’s made in copper or brass, Vastu faults can be eliminated and prosperity stays for a longer period of time.

Yantras are helpful in following Vastu defects:-

1. Irregular size of the plot
2. Entrance located towards the  inauspicious zone i.e. south-west or south
3. Borewell or underground tank at Southwest or Southeast
4. An Electric transformer at the Northeast or southwest zone
5. Kitchen in South West or North-East zone
6. Toilets in North East, South East or South West or center part of the premises
7. Master bedroom location in northeast or southeast zone
8. A Slope of the land towards the south or west direction
9. More open space or terrace at the south-west direction
10. Extension of premises towards the north-west, south-west or south-east size
11. Pillar or staircase in the center of the premises

Highly effective and powerful Vastu yantras used by individuals and businesses:-

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