vastu for home windows

According to vastu shastra, the position of doors and windows governs the flow of energy throughout the home. If you are depressed, moodless or unsatisfied at your home, one of the first things to suspect is a shortage of adequate lighting. In fact, people spend an enormous amount ensuring that they have plenty of natural light in their homes and offices Lighting through windows is natural which allows you to get better communication between your exterior world and interior world. Adequate windows allow you to feel less isolated. In addition to this, it is a source of vitamin D, which is essential to your health.

Therefore it is important that you follow some basic guidelines as per Vastu:

Bigger windows that let in natural light make working or just relaxing far more enjoyable. It allows you to look out at the beauty of nature. Windows are regarded as the eyes of the house. So every house needs to have a bigger window to allow adequate amounts of light and energy to infuse your environment. Room with a smaller windows does not let in enough natural light to the house. You feel tired here.

Potted plants & hanging basket plants at the window boxes can draw energy into your home. Plant are vital as they filter the air, increases oxygen, and energize a house with live positive energy. Any dried plants that you have in your windows must be discarded as they are lifeless and thus represent dead energy.

Square or rectangular windows are considered good as per Vastu. Avoid arched windows which are not a harmonious design. A situation where a window open to the east allows the sunlight to come into the home earliest in the morning. Windows at North & West is also considered good except at south-west corner which should be covered with curtain most of the time.

Colour of the curtain is equally important and can highly impact the quality of energy entering through windows. When putting a curtain ensure that you get the right color according to the room. There should be a different color for the children’s room, Bedroom as well as living area. Each room represents a different mood based on its utilization. So window curtains should always match this requirement.

Pull all the curtains back during the daytime to allow natural sunlight to give positive energy to your house. Many Vastu consultants recommend hanging wind chimes, crystals, etc. which are used to attract a positive flow of energy inside the home.

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