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Colors have some vibrational frequencies. This acts like a vitamin for the energy fields of the body as well as the surrounding. As Vastu research says, shades have been known to have the most powerful effects on our mind and body. They contain the energy of the Sun, the life-restoring force of nature. Not only colors but light, music, and fragrance are also efficient modes of nature to connect with the subconscious core. Selecting harmonious Vastu shades are very important for a vibrant home.

Colors act like gems; they increase the aura of the astral body and atmosphere. The color affects the mind more than it affects the body.
Different colours can be used to achieve certain responses. Physical responses to colors are not tied to our individual psyches or bear much relation to our cultural background. In fact, everyone has the same general physical responses to certain colors.


Colors can set the mood of your living room they can be either inviting or irritating. They have psychological effects on people and their moods. If you want your living area to be warm and inviting, use shades of Gold or white as they are one of the warmest and most relaxing colors. These shades will give you a new activity at home.


Use of pink color or a light shade of yellow in the bedroom. These are the colors of stamina, strength, love, and also warmth. These are the most beneficial colours for the owner’s room. These colours relax your senses and calm you after a long day at work. Overall, since bedrooms are meant for relaxation,  try to stay away from high-energy colors like bright greens, hot reds, or bold, tropical hues.


A child’s bedroom would be far different from the parent’s room. Children’s rooms should have stimulating colors, as they require more energy to study and play. kids are naturally more sensitive and receptive to colors at an early age. Use colors like yellow, orange, and blue which are more supportive for the kids’ room.


The prayer room should be planned with calm colors. White or orange are the best choices for the prayer room.


Green is the first choice for kitchen followed by a light shade of yellow. The use of red, black, and blue should be avoided in the kitchen. The kitchen with wooden effects is excellent. Green represents life, love, and youth. It represents a growing phase of energy. It is good for tired nerves. Green is a good healing color. It is soothing, relaxing both mentally and physically. Hence it is best suited for the kitchen.


Modern architects and home designers give special attention to the bathrooms. For them, this is a space to take care of oneself in privacy. Ivory, light yellow, and off white are the best shades for the bathroom/toilet as per Vastu.

How to attract a fresh flow of energy in the house as per Vastu?

Clear your space

Do not block energy, if you are keeping too many things in and around you then you are creating obstacles for the free flow of energy. Move or discard the no working or not required things from your space. This will make a space for something new in your life. If you have not used things for a long time, then it is time to give up. You will increase a harmonious flow of energy inside your space.

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