Vastu for Recession

Vastu for Recession

Some simple steps with Vastu principles can make your home or work environment recession-proof despite a weak economy. Humans are a part of the environment, and everything affects us. The directions, the elements, and even the placement of objects have a lot of significance in our lives. If we understand the energies that surround us and how best to harmonize our homes and offices with them, there can be a marked difference in our lives. Vastu is a system of living in harmony with nature. The energies do not get disrupted & misguided with proper Vastu Planning. The Healthy exchange of energies is vital for our physical and mental well being.


Scientific research has revealed that everything is energy. The uninterrupted or the disrupted flow of this energy creates either harmony or the problems in our lives. Hence the placement of objects, Entrances, furniture, windows, and office layout needs to be in harmony with the environment. This harmony then permeates into the life of the person and results in prosperity.

Clutter at Home

clutter home vastuIt’s a fundamental principle of physics that nature abhors a vacuum – so clear your space and fresh, new things & new opportunities will flow into your life. If your business is slow right now, try decluttering, and you will see that new clients appear quickly! It is an immediate cause of blocking prosperity entering your life.

Clutter represents postponed decisions, missing/lost opportunities, and the inability to move forward in your life. Think about that for a while as you stare at the piles on paper on your desk, the unworn clothes in your closet, and the months of unread magazines in your drawing-room. Since nothing new comes into your life until you make a place for it, you need to start clearing out the old stuff you are holding on to in order to make room for prosperity to flow into your life. Whether or not you are worried about a recession, when you clear clutter you open up room for prosperity to flow into your home & business

Remember that a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Make sure you clear clutter with a prosperity consciousness rather than a poverty consciousness. Get rid of clutter right now and make room for wealth to flow into your office or home tomorrow.

Clutter at work

If you own a factory, pay your attention to the faulty & dead gadgets, machinery, tools, etc. lying at the corner. If you ignore things that need to be repaired, replaced, or removed, you set an intention of neglect; when you fix them, your intention is one of abundance. Make space for new machinery to come in and ultimately bring more production and profit for your organization.

Clean out the junk-old to make way for the new things in life

Be careful about the colors in your home & work place.

The Energy of Colors significantly affects us individually as well as in our environment.  Our body is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy called the Aura, which draws in and emits colour energy.
While color preferences are very individual, colours have been scientifically proven to have consistent physical and emotional effects, which is worth considering when selecting colours for your home & business environment.

Get rid of Negative people/Clients

Negative people are energy suckers. It is easy to know when you are with them because the longer the exposure, the more drained you feel. So remember that negative thinking people spread negative vibes & it is best to avoid such people in your life who you feel lower your vibration.
In this weak economy, who can afford to get rid of clients, right? Wrong! Holding onto clients who don’t value you or who give you a hard time about payments can depress the energetic makeup of your business environment. Get rid of clients who no longer serve you. Hence you create a room for fresh & new profitable clients to come into your business.

Positive thought- Positive Vibrations

Fear in recession creates negative vibration. This vibration will not only attract more fear to you, and it will also activate the negative energies that may already exist in your home or office environment. Even in this tough economy, many people are pulling in money, raises, and abundance because that is the kind of energy they are attracting. For this, you need to keep your front entrance of a business or home more vibrant and fresh & shining and do everything you can to get your environment ready to welcome a steady flow of wealth and good luck!


Vastu for Recession – If you have dead plants around your place which symbolize dead energy, you need to replace them with healthy living plants. Plants bring fresh energy to the place and make the environment much more positive.
If everyone can fix a Vastu of their home & business place, they can actually help the economy of the country and help the rest of the world. People need to keep their spirits up every time- at any time. The ancient people believe that when there are more people in having positive thoughts, they can shift the energy. Remember, a human can move mountains

It is not a coincidence that some of these tips are just common sense. You have probably been practicing Vastu for years without even knowing it. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Only a few little changes can make a world of difference.

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