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According to Vastu, one’s house is like a living organism. The main door serves as its mouth through which the positive flow of energy enters the house. Just as the quality of food eaten and the food habits help determine the health of a person, similarly, the energy vibrations that the main door receives and its position and nature determines the quality of life of the people living in the house.

These are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind:

1) An attractive entrance will not only invite auspicious energy flow into the premises but also give a warm welcome to the residents, guests, and visitors.
2) It is essential that the size of the main door is in the ratio of 1:2 or more. This means if the door is 3 feet in width, the height should be 6 feet or more.
3) The main entrance that is too large makes you too exposed and should be avoided as the energy flow cannot be adequately regulated.
4) At the same time, a door which is too small means less energy will be entering the house. A small door minimizes the access and even makes the occupants feel unwelcome to come.
5) It is crucial to spend a few hours cleaning the main entrance, safety door and glasses. Make sure that hinges are oiled regularly & door accessories are polished frequently.
6) If you face difficulty in opening a door or if it makes an unpleasant sound while opening, this could result in your missing out on vital opportunities in life.
7) If you have a dark lobby near the entrance of your home, then you can invite divine energy to your premises by putting bright lights just inside and outside the front door.
8) Good lighting stimulates the positive flow of energy and is one of the best ways for promoting balance and harmony within the premises. Even small or uninviting areas at the entrance can be made alive by use of good lighting.


Q-1 The master bedroom in my flat, occupied by my wife and myself, is located in the northwest corner. Another bedroom, in the southwest corner, is occupied by my daughter and aged mother. Is it auspicious for my wife and me to occupy the northwest bedroom or switch to the southwest one? Khalid Rizvi
Ans: According to Vaastu, southwest represents earth element. The Master bedroom should be located in this zone to have more stability and peace of mind. As a master of the house, you should shift immediately to the southwest bedroom, in order to have total control of the house and have a peaceful life. You will also gain more strength in your workplace.

Q.2 We have purchased a flat with ishanya opening, but there is a pillar in front of the door. Is it a case of Dwaar Vedh? Kindly let me know how to overcome the bad effect of it. Shailesh G.
Ans: A pillar facing the entrance is a dwaar vedha which indicates obstacles at home and business. The prime solution in your case is to reorient the door i.e. change the direction so it does not face directly to the pillar. An alternate solution to your problems is to fix an image of a deep road or a picture of depth on the pillar. Looking from the house inside it will symbolically indicate an obstacle-free path.

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