Shopping malls- Vastu idea

Nowadays, shopping malls are a common sight in many cities including mid-size towns. These large Malls are no longer just retail and food outlets. They are like small livable cities within the city offering royal buying experience along with entertainment facilities. Mall culture plays a significant role in the lifestyle of people. People enjoy shopping at malls compared to street buying.

Vastu is a multifaceted concept. The idea of Vastu for shopping malls can be easily incorporated at the time of the design stage. A sound and positive energy in a retail mall planning can bring and attract more customers, more turnover. There will be a good profit for the owners.


Shopping malls should have a feeling of vibrant, nourished, and positive Vastu energy. Research indicates that very few malls ( like Dubai shopping malls )attract a large size of buyers to their place. The rest of the malls have a very low business turnover. Recently, many of them are converting their malls into non-retail space.

Important points to be considered while planning a mall:


  • The major factors to be kept in mind while selecting a plot for the mall are geographical surroundings. This includes the shape of the plot,  level of the land, and also access roads around the plot.
  • The Shape of the plot of building.
  • Main Entrance of the Shopping Mall or shopping center
  • Parking area
  • Exterior Design of the mall
  • Location of staircase as well as lifts
  • Showroom entrances
  • Washroom location
  • Location of the water body
  • Eating zone
  • Power generator as well as  electrical panels
  • Elevation of mall

Consult team Vastuplus™ for professional advice:-


Typical Vastu consultation involves onsite inspection as well as observation of the energy flow of the premises. Vastu consultation begins with building and extends to every minor detail within physical settings.

  1. Get an in-depth Vastu analysis of the site
  2. An explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on Vastu principles
  3. Get Recommendations for rectification using natural elements, paintings
  4. Understand the recommendations by using Charts or drawing


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