Vastu Shastra for farm House

Vastu Shastra for farm House

Buying a farmhouse or second home is an exciting venture and one that comes with many advantages beyond serving as a fun getaway for you as well as your family. It can be a great investment if space is aligned with natural Vastu elements. You want this house balanced in such a way that makes your family and guests feel more comfortable.

  • Avoid the land with the road only towards the south, while selecting a plot for agriculture or farmhouse.
  • It is highly recommended to buy the plot with the flat surface.
  • Provide slope of the plot towards the north-east.
  • Do not buy the land with a slope towards the south or south-west. The leveling of a plot is advised.
  • Buy the land in a square or rectangular shape. The land extended towards the northeast is auspicious and brings prosperity to the owner.  Extension at any other direction is not beneficial as per Vastu.
  • Grow more Tree with right height either at the south or west side.
  • Make outhouse in the south-west location of the land. The front entrance, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and, also toilets should be planned as per Vastu.
  • Make staff and labor quarters either in the west or south-east corner.
  • Place an electric panel or transformer in the south-east corner of the property, to have a fire element in the right location. This is believed to brings a good harvest for the owner.
  • The animal should be on the west or north-west direction of the farm.  Arrange animals cage or block in such a way that they face north or east when tied with the rope. No animal should face south on the farm.
  • The Compound wall for the farm should be made in such a way that it has a higher as well as thicker wall on the south & west direction compared to the east & north.
  • Do not buy a plot with a hill or mountain towards the north or east direction.

Enhancing Plot

  • Install Brahma pyramid in the center of the plot.
  • Grow Tulsi and Amla in the Northeast corner of the site.
  • It is highly beneficial to buy a  new farm attached to existing property towards the north or east.



Water is an important element of Vastu Shastra.  The water exists in the world as the state of liquid. Water represents wealth, even in every culture and belief as well. The gentleness of water is believed to bring you and your family bliss in life. Water features like water fountains, streams, fish tanks, well, etc.  symbolize flowing wealth. Also, water at a true location stimulates your senses and also relaxes your soul.

  • Locate well, Bore and, also a pond in the northeast direction. So you have a Vastu element-water in a positive direction.
  • Avoid well (water body) in the south-west. It may result in severe illness or death of the owner.
  • Avoid well at the south-east of the farm. It may result in bankruptcy, theft, and, also losses.
  • Make water flow of channel in such a way that water moves from south to north direction.

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