vastu-power-project.Due to chronic power deficits, many states plan huge power projects in various locations. Such huge contracts are awarded to developers on the basis of competitive bidding. Bigger development carries huge investments and takes a longer time to complete. Power projects can be completed with minimum obstacles if elements of Vastu are added to the site layout.  Vastu for power projects is an added advantage.

Vastu Benefits:-

  • Harmony between management and employees
  • Quick and easy approvals of the plan
  • Fewer or minimum obstacles
  • Profitable venture
  • Timely completion of the  project

Important points to be considered while following Vastu  for the Power project:

  • Location of the Site office, entrances, placement of managers, engineers, and staff
  • Startup suggestions so the project can be completed within the stipulated time
  • Location of the water body
  • Direction and location of the store for spares
  • Location of the store for project material
  • Location of contractor offices
  • Place of material  as well as  spare store
  • Display area for the projects
  • Staff and workers canteen
  • Vehicle, plants and  Machinery zone
  • Workers quarters
  • Media room
  • Location of  fire gadgets, i.e transformer & power station for the power project
  • Canteen

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Would you like to consult for Vastu for your project:-

  • Get onsite Vastu Vastu analysis of the location
  • Detailed  explanatory report  based on Vastu principles
  • Get recommendations for rectification using natural elements
  • Get explanatory charts as well as drawing to understand the recommendations.

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Q: Are vaastu principles uniform throughout the world?

Vastu meaning science of structure.  Sthapatya Veda is a supreme system of  any type of construction. We can find many guidelines and solutions from ancient Vedas. The principles of Vaastu are based on the alignment of its five key elements. These factors are uniform throughout the universe. In the west- USA, Europe, Australia, China, Japan & Africa, Vastu has become a more popular subject replacing a Fengshui.

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