Vastu Shastra for Irrigation projectIrrigation-Support system of farmers- Vastu guidelines for irrigation project

Farmers are considered to be the direct beneficiaries of the Irrigation projects. More output with lower cost is cited as a benefit of irrigation development.

The development of an irrigation project increases the acreage of farming land and presumably of land with greater production capacity than other lands now being farmed. Usually, such huge projects are awarded to developers on the basis of competitive bidding.

Irrigation projects are can be completed with minimum obstacles, if an element of Vastu added to the site layout. Project surrounding and site offices can be easily planned with Vastu’s guidance.

What is the role of Vastu?

The system of Vastu Shastra is guided by the five-element theory. The entire universe is composed of five elements. These five elements – Earth, Fire, Space, Water, and wind are forces of nature.  These five elements are the key consideration when planning any construction or project. It is important to have all elements present in your space to achieve balance. This will help in the successful and timely completion of the project.

What are the important points to be considered while following Vastu for the irrigation project ?

  • Location of the Site office, entrances, placement of managers, engineers, and staff
  • Startup suggestions so the project can be completed within the stipulated time
  • Location of the water body
  • Location of a store for spares
  • Location of a store for project material
  • Location of the contractor’s office
  • Place of material & space store
  • Display area for the projects
  • Staff and worker’s canteen
  • Vehicle as well as Machinery zone
  • Workers quarters
  • Media room
  • Location of transformers/power station for the project,Fire element

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