Designing a High-Performance Work Environment as per Vastu for Bank

Every bank tries to achieve its desired goals and targets. Realizing the current challenges of the business environment and to make survival possible, banks must concentrate on the working environment for the people and customers. Vastu is a system of setting and placing structure and its elements in the environment. It aims to harmonize physical environments that encourage positive outcomes through the utilization of flowing energy.  Balance of key five Vastu elements of the physical work environment needs to be proper so that the employees would not be stressed while doing their job.

Bank employees spend a lot of their time inside the premises. The physical environments influence their well-being and directly influence their work achievement and productivity. In the workplace, it is often assumed that employees who are more satisfied with the physical environment are more likely to produce better work outcomes

It is evident from several studies that a good workplace environment plays a very vital towards increasing the performance of employees in general. The physical work environment includes the internal and external bank premises layout, surrounding artwork, open space, and also the sitting arrangement.

Benefits of positive space for the bank as per Vastu

  • It makes employees feel more productive, focused, and feel less stressed.
  • Maintaining responsibility for the work assigned
  • Increases the goodwill of the Bank
  • Generate long-term relationships with customers
  • An effective workplace environment helps them to attract and retain talent. 
  • It can encourage people to work better, smarter, and faster.
  • Helps in avoiding blame and forgiving mistakes.
  • It can achieve innovation & new ways of improving the task
  • Inspires one another at work.
  • Adds value to the meaningfulness of the work.
  • Helps people perform their tasks more easily as well as

Research by Roelofsen (2002) indicates that improving the working environment reduces complaints and absenteeism while increasing productivity.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu for the bank:-

  • Shape and Size of the premises: A square or rectangular shape of the office brings strength, stability, and long-term prosperity to any premises.
  • Desk location of front-end staff and their directions. The brain is very sensitive to orientations. People have reported dramatic improvement in their performance when they face positive directions. If your work environment is too messy, it can be hard to find things when needed. Even a desk covered with files,  documents, and unrelated items may prevent people from getting a task done in a timely manner.
  • Location of the cashier:- Place the cashier in a north zone which is governed by Lord Kubera.
  • Locker room:- South-west is an ideal location for the locker room. This is a zone of weight, an earth element.
  • Main Entrance (door) of the Bank: The front door is important to consider when you want to achieve higher and higher targets every year. We have found many banks having front doors in the north direction doing tremendous business. A door in the negative direction has loaded many banks with a huge NPA.
  • Location of the bank manager’s cabin, assistant manager, also other key staff.
  • Location of business promotion department.
  • Arrangements of the conference room.
  • The Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, also Coolers.
  • The Direction of the Pantry, Canteen, and store room.
  • Placement of Toilets.

Plants as per Vastu for Bank

Plants have been proven to create a more positive environment by refreshing the space and uplifting the moods of the people. A few studies done by researchers indicates that office workers are reported to be less tired when they have access to plants or green window view. Furthermore, it has also been reported that natural environments can have a restorative effect on attention.

Personalize your space

Personalizing your space includes placing energy-enhancing objects around you, to increase your connection to your work and work environment. If want to improve the comfort of your work environment, place a  picture frame, place harmony crystal, and make your work environment feel more like your own.

Colours as per Vastu for Bank

Colors for the interior as well as the exterior of the bank. The decor and colours of the workplace environment ultimately help improve the employees’ experience and necessitate better performance. color nourishes and influences the field of energy around space. Today, color therapists have also gathered evidence that the body and mind respond to colors.

Whether it is an open workstation, cubical, or a private cabin, the work environment can be instrumental in generating positive results. So, it is important to make sure that management should optimize people’s productivity by making their work environment a positive, attractive, and organized space.

Your work environment should be a space of comfort. Boosting the work environment of your space can allow you to connect more to your work, and promote a sense of fulfillment and happiness while optimizing your productivity.

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