Vastu Energy Plate

Copper Vastu Energy Plate 

is used for correcting the Vastu defects as well as strengthening the cosmic flow of energy. Vastu Energy plate is made of copper with the 81 pyramids (Vastu grid of 81 pada). It brings harmony back to the location. You can verify the energy of the site before and after placing an energy plate grid. Dowsing pendulum or Energy scanner can be used to verify the effects

Why Copper:-

As with most of their beliefs, spiritualists have taken a true scientific property of a mineral and made it fit their own structure. Because Copper is a good physical conductor of electricity and heat, Copper is the conductor of the Spiritualist’s belief system. According to their myths, Copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth from individuals, crystals, auras, the mind, and the spirit world. They also believe it has the power to amplify thoughts in receiving and sending psychic communication and is used in channeling hoaxes throughout the world. Healers base their belief in Copper’s power to heal the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties.


1. Place copper pyramid Vastu Energy Plate under the mattress of the bed to attract universal cosmic energy.
2. In case of new plot place, eight plates at all eight directions and one at the center of plot Place One or Three copper plate near the entrance inside the flooring
3. In the case of existing premises or making a new one to attract a more positive flow of energy.
4. In case of new construction, fix one copper plate each inside the four walls of Bed Room, Kitchen & Children room to make the house free from negative influence.
5. In the case of Industry, Fix it on the important machines to gain more production with minimum maintenance cost
6. In the case of offices, place pyramid balance near the working table of the owner as well as top executives of the company for continuous flow of positive energy.
7. Use this plate to charge the water by placing above the water pot.

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