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The focus on creating positive vibes and attracting material wealth in life are the two prime reasons that Vastu Shastra is becoming popular accords the world. If your life is far from abundance and wonderful feeling, then you are staying in a house which may have some serious defects. Vastu is all about the flow of energy. The front entrance is very important as this is an area where energy enters. Make it obstacles free, more attractive and welcoming. Obstacles in your entrance will create obstacles in your life.  It may disconnect you from the positive elements of life.

Following are the defects which creates Vastu door obstacles

  • When the height of the main door of the opposite house is too low or too high in comparison to the door height of your entrance.
  • When you are able to see activities performed in the opposite home. According to Vastu it is “Sarva Drishthi Vedha“.
  • Location of the tree across the main entrance door is called  “Vriksha Vedha“.
  • Column or pillar should not locate in front of the main door. As per vastu, it is   “Sarva Dwar Vedha“.
  • Nail  fixed over the middle of door sets in-between space of ceiling and head is a   “Kil Vedha
  • Roof cross over the center line of the door opening.
  • When a front door is not opening at 90 degrees, its a Dwar Vedha (door obstacle). As a result, it limited good opportunities in life.
  • When the door opens in an anti-clock manner, the flow of energy moves in to reverse manner.
  • A main beam of the floor should not be exactly over the centre of the door.
  • Dying plants near the door indicate harmful energy to the house.

Case Study

One of my clients, Mr Jagasia recently invited me to his house for a Vaastu consultation. A chartered accountant by profession, in spite of having rich experience and knowledge, Mr Jagasia was unable to get the post he desired. When I rang the doorbell, he only opened the main door slightly. I immediately discovered that the root of his problems was his main door. It was not opening up to a 90-degree angle, as there was shoe rack behind the door. As per Vaastu, this is called a ‘dwar vedh.’ I explained to him that it is essential for the entrance door to open freely and completely.

When the entry is restricted, so is your growth. I advised him to clear the obstacle. He immediately shifted the shoe box so that the door can open completely. In addition, I also suggested a few other changes and asked him for feedback after two months. Last week I got a call from him, stating that he got three job offers from different companies and opted for one which offered a higher post with a fair pay increase!

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