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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Consultation – The Emirate of Sharjah is one of the states of the United Arab Emirates.
Sharjah is  a center for culture. It represents the country’s essence of Arabian lifestyle and Islamic culture through its restored heritage sites, mosques and traditional old songs. We have received an office layout prepared by an architect from one of our client has an office at Sharjah for Vastu evaluation and corrections.

Work Environment

Many companies are able to implement better Vastu practices in their interior planning. Vastu design heals many organizational issues like stress, fatigue, discomfort etc. It helps organization to focus their working culture in a more positive direction. A research shows that people think more creatively when their space is harmonized.

Vastu offers simple arrangements and  few stimuli to improve your work environment. A Vastu, an ancient science combines the skills of cosmic science, art  and  philosophy with the understanding of how five elements and  cosmic forces affect the living things on the earth. Study of of Vastu Shastra is a cosmic forces with its directional and  element alignments. Vastu shastra is a cosmic connection between inner and outer space.

Smart business people are well aware of the value of their space and its vibrations.  This people have high standard when it comes to their work places.

Vastu findings | Vastu Consultation:-

  1.  Door location towards the east (south-east)  should be re oriented. Entrance is the most key consideration in Vastu planning.  
  2. The Toilet in the eastern zone is a Vastu defect (Type-1). This may impact of quality of social connections. 
  3. Manager seating in the north zone reduces his strength and command. 
  4. Staff seating in commanding zone is not a Vastu favored position. They may become dominant and will have more influence than the top executives. Their seating should be replanned.
Vastu Consultation

Vastu Rectified Plan | Vastu Consultation:-

  1. Move entrance towards the E-4 or E-5 zone. Front entrance is very important as this is an area from where prosperous energy enters. Make it more attractive as well as welcoming.
  2. Shift seating of the staff  towards  the north zone. They should be facing north eastvwhile working on the desk. Their energy will be positive, enlarging and magnifying causing their performance at much  higher level.
  3. The toilet in the eastern zone may impact on the health of business and employees. Cure the same with Vastu partitions as well as  Vastu paintings.
  4. Shift  manager’s cabin towards the southwest zone.  According to Vastu, this is a commanding position. As a result, it will increase his productivity as well as performance
  5. Rearrange storage as well as  conference zone.
  6. Enhance the overall energy of the office by using harmonious colours, prosperity paintings and, also  business crystals.
  7. Play a music. Soft music in the back ground improves the work quality and also reduces a  stress in the surrounding.

Our Industrial Vastu Consultation  Sharjah, Hamariyah, UAE

vastu-sharjah-uae-hamariyahAre you looking for Vastu Consultation services for your home, office or Industries?

An analysis of a residential or commercial  property with Vastu Plus™  is tailored to address the particular needs of each client. With over twenty five years of experience and thousands  of residential as well as  commercial clients, team Vastuplus  has proven that our approach of including both ancient  and modern methods of  Vastu analysis yields the best results. During the consultation, we will recommend simple and straightforward layout that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your home or office. Also, we suggest the best placement of various departments as per Vastu shastra. We also recommend the use of colours, shape, and objects to enhance the energy of your premises helping you to achieve more prosperity, growth, harmony and, also peace.

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