Modern construction and Vastu have one significant difference. Modern architecture deals with the visible dimension whereas Vastu instead takes visible as well as the invisible dimension (cosmic force) for the planning. We have received an architect layout for the apartment located in one of the prestigious projects in a Mumbai.

Plan before Vastu:-

Vastu Changes recommended in the layout by the Vastu Consultant:- 

  • Change the seating arrangement in the living room in such a way that person either faces east or north while using a living area.
  • Change kitchen arrangement based on the Vastu elements.
  • Combine the owner bedroom to one to shift him closer to the earth zone; as a result strength of the south-west is improved.
  • Make sleeping directions according to Vastu. Want to know, which is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu-click here to read
  • Change pot direction according to Vastu.
  • Place mirrors in each bedroom according to the direction.
  • Study zone created in the north-east zone.
  • Temple is placed closer to the tranquility zone.

Vastu remedies in the layout:-

1. Install Vastu earth metal and earth rocks in the south-west zone to enhance earth element
2. Install Vastu partition strips for extended kitchen zone
3. Install Vastu helix for door correction. Keep Vastu copper helix either under the door plate or on the backside of the door.
4. Rectify the toilet in the north with the bathroom strips. Click here to read more about the bathroom location and its impact.
5. Harmonize energy of each bedroom with the Vastu bricks in each wall
6. Finally, it is advised to keep safe facing with the idol of Lord Kubera in the money zone.

Get expert consultation from Team Vastuplus

The purpose of our consultation is to navigate the energy which existing the house and boost the same as much as possible.

In our Vastu Consultation report, you will:-

  • get an in-depth Vastu reading of the entire site
  • Get an explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on the Vastu system
  • Find recommendations for rectification using natural elements, paintings, rocks, etc.
  • Find charts, pictures, and also drawing to understand the recommendations.

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