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For many, the quality of one’s sleep is always rated as a “bad” night. But what if it was actually caused by one sleeping position? High tea or caffeine intake during long stressful office meetings and exams can certainly contribute to sleeplessness. But there are other causes that might be keeping you up at night: such as your direction in which you’re lying! Do you know that sleeping in the wrong direction may be causing most of your trouble and strain on both body and mind?

Doctors have seen an increase in the number of patients complaining about insomnia and increased stress due to lack of sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation has similar effects on the body and mind as alcohol. Long-term consequences are weaker immune systems, difficulty losing weight, or even mood changes.

Sleep Directions Effects
Sleeping in North  (Uttara) Death (Mrityu) or Short Life
Sleeping in South (Dakshina) Longevity (Deerghayu)
Sleeping in East (Purva) Improves Intellect (Medhavi)
Sleeping in West (Paschima) Mental Distress (Manasantapa)

Research – Lack of sleep

The dangers of not getting enough sleep are finally being acknowledged. A study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that 45% of adults and 60% of teenagers have experienced insomnia, or trouble falling asleep at least one night a week during their lifetime (Chesney). What’s more, is this lack according to Johns Hopkins Dean Dr. Richard Pates “sleep deprivation has similar effects on the body as alcohol” because it increases stress levels and blood pressure due to its impact on memory loss and mood changes over time; chronic sleep deprivation can lead to serious problems in attention, alertness concentration reasoning problem solving, etc., which will make life miserable for most people without an adequate restful nap.

Does It Really Matter Which direction or position you are sleeping?

Sleeping position- your head towards the East – Best sleeping position or direction to sleep


Sleeping on the eastern side of the bed is said to provide full rest for you as well because it allows all parts of your body to experience relaxation. The sun’s energy is best absorbed by our bodies when the head is pointing towards the east while sleeping. In Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing science, sleeping with a head position towards the east is believed to improve success and intelligence

People who prefer thinking first before acting might find sleeping in Purva (East) most conducive. It improves intellect while also providing mental relief from distressful thoughts that impede positive thought patterns by helping them process their emotions more easily.

The sun’s magnetic field enters the earth from the east side. This magnetic force is absorbed by our heads if we lie with them facing towards the east, and exits through our feet which promotes cool heads and warm feet as per the laws of magnetism and electricity.

When following Vastu Shastra, students should sleep with their head in the East direction to help increase the memory and retention power of the brain. This also helps them focus more on schoolwork rather than distractions that usually come from sleeping late at night or waking up early for classes and social obligations.

Sleeping position- your head toward the North – Big No


It is said that sleeping with a head facing north will cause stress and illness due to the magnetic forces of two repelling magnets, which disrupt blood circulation.

In Hindu tradition, the soul exits the body by heading North and will be pointing that way until cremation takes place.

Sleeping position- your head towards the west – Avoid, if you can


“The ancient Indian system of Vastu, which is based on the Vedic principles tells us that when we sleep with our head to the west and feet to it will create an imbalance in energy flow. With head towards the west, the energy of the sun will warm your heads and your feet will be frozen, resulting in a feeling of discomfort the next morning.

Sleeping position-your head towards the South is a Healthy position to sleep


Since the earth has a magnetic pole that is stretched from north to south, it’s interesting to note that humans are like many other species in having an innate compass. Sleeping in this direction brings the body in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field.

Sleeping with the head pointing south at night provides benefits such as relieving stress or promoting deep sleep by interacting more favorably with the earth’s elements.

Most importantly, sleeping position according to Vastu has been proven to influence how well you sleep. If you’re tired of not getting enough quality rest at night, try changing up your sleep with the above-suggested positions that are believed to promote deep nap.

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Nitien Parmar, Chief Vastu Consultant,

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