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Dear Sir,
I have a shortlisted the floor plan of home (flats) in the Umbergaon town which is located in south Gujarat. Please help me to select the best house as per Vastu from the floor plan/maps sent herewith. I could not find a local Vastu consultant in umbergaon. Please approve the Vastu compliant plan because I have suffered a lot in the previous house.  – Balasinh Param – Umbergaon, Valsad – Gujarat

Vastu Consultant Umbergaon

Vastu findings- Vastu Plan-1

A. Entrance is located towards the positive as well as an auspicious zone. However, a house is more of a cow face shape (gau Mukhi) which is good as per Vastu.
B. Location of  toilet in the northeast zone falls under the “Major Vastu Defect” category. It may cause serious bad luck for the family.
C. Toilet towards the Southeast is a serious Vastu problem. As a result, it will affect on  financial aspect of the family.
D. Location of the Bedroom is in  acceptable zone.
E. Location of the Kitchen in the NW (W) zone is neutral.
Vastu strength of the Site is 55 %, which is not recommended as per Vastu. Avoid buying this house.

Vastu Consultant Umbergaon

Vastu Findings- Vastu plan-2

A. Entrance is located in the positive zone
B. Location of a toilet towards the east is a medium Vastu fault. It should be corrected with the Vastu remedy.
C. Location of the Master bedroom towards the south-west is excellent as per Vastu. The bedroom at south-east will require a Vastu correction using Vastu painting as well as color suggestions.
D. Location of kitchen is in the neutral zone.
The Vastu strength of the Site is 75 to 80 %. This is recommended subject to Vastu remedies. You may achieve a “work-life balance” in such space.

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Vastu Consultant Umbergaon

Vastu Findings -Vastu Plan-3

A. Entrance is found in the positive zone
B. Location of the toilet in the north may impact your career and business.
C. Location of the bedroom is correct as per Vastu
D. Amissing corner towards the  south-east requires a strong Vastu correction
E. Location of the kitchen is in acceptable zone.
Vastu strength of the Site is 65 to 70 %. It is Recommended subject to the strong Vastu remedies under the guidance of a Vastu consultant.

The reason some people succeed and others fail, however, this may be due to their personal space. Any space near 50% of Vastu strength should be avoided as per Vastu. Untrained eyes from the Vastu field are harmful, so get your house analyzed by a professional Vastu expert.

vastu consultant umbergaon

Vastu Findings – Vastu Plan-4

A. Flat no.101 has a small cut in the northeast. It has also a toilet in the prayer zone. These are rather severe Vastu defects.
B. Bedroom locations are in the positive zone.
C. The Kitchen is in an acceptable location.

The Vastu strength of the Site is 50 %.  Any defect in the north-east is a big NO as per Vastu.  Avoid this house.

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The Result

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