Vastu Shastra for Film Set,  planning for set design for film Movie show or studio for TV Channel Serial and also Film.

How do you create the best Vastu environment to support the success of a film or serial TV show?

vastu-film-design-set-studioThe ideal Vastu arrangement creates a space that has powerful positive energy. It supports a specific activity intended for that space. The practice of Vastu shastra is based on positioning the internal rooms, structure, plot, and elements. Vastu goes beyond architecture. People working in Vastu-approved spaces have a dramatic improvement in their professional skills.

Success and TRP are better with Vastu arrangement in the entertainment world. It will be a good show that the audience will pay to see.

Vastu Shastra for Film Set

When it comes to managing your daily shooting work, one of the most important things you can do for your team by setting the right environment at work. A positive work surrounding makes people feel more valued and enjoy coming to work every day. It will have a huge impact on their creativity and performance.

Important points to be considered: Vastu Shastra for Film Set

  • Proper plot location of the set, its shape & as well as size. Consider the proper shape of the location. There are different types of plots having  Gaumukhi (cow shape) or Singmukhi (Lion Shape) or irregular or Rectangular or Square Shapes. Irregular or wrong shape may harm the popularity of the show.
  • Details on the surrounding, i.e. road, slope, river, hill, etc. A wrong slope of the plot could impact the performance of the show. T junction or  Dead end road location should be avoided. T junction in any direction i.e. east, west, north, or south is a big No as per Vastu.
  • Entrance to the set, Main entry to the studio is very important for actively drawing in positive energy.
  • The Internal arrangement of the set is based on the theme of the show. This includes colours, wall paintings, objects, as well as internal furniture.
  • The exteriors of the set i.e. elevation, parking area, etc.
  • Key location for working area for producer as well as art director.
  • A  location of the artist’s makeup room, direction, and also it’s internal planning.
  • The direction & placement of the generator van (Vastu element-fire).
  • Location of the canteen.
  • The direction as well as placement of water body (Vastu element-water).
  • Toilets and its location.
  • The direction as well as placement of the Plants ( Green Zone).
  • Roof slope of the set, Roof slope towards the east and north is most auspicious.
  • The Direction of Storage of the shooting material.
  • Enhancing the space energy by using various Vastu enhancers as well as symbols.

Above are a few suggestions and tips on Vastu for studio set locations for TV serials or Films, and cinemas. There are many corrections available to cure Vastu defect without making any major changes in the layout.

Negative Vastu in your premises causes laziness and lack of creativity in the people associated with the film or show. It could ruin the TRP and profitability of the project.

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