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Business success depends on your efforts, commitment, persistence, and, new ideas. Making your business successful is usually a complex process that requires much time and struggle. Element In business, you want to motivate workers and staff to give their best performance, and you want customers or clients to feel that they have made the right choice in selecting your company. Does your business environment convey the messages that are most helpful to your business growth or element?

All businesses have a life of their own and Vastu Shastra has many tools that can assist companies to prosper.

Balance Vastu Element for Positivity at the business location

Energy flow and positive predisposition are very important in terms of business success. Vastu practices can help you to achieve much more. There is an area related to prosperity, quality of products, marketing, partnerships, harmony, and more. Vastu Shastra is the practice of working with the business environment to enhance your business & get more success. A cosmic energy science – Vastu shastra can help you to achieve your business goals and objectives by connecting you to the pulse or the energy of your workplace. Balancing elements is very important. It can prove disastrous if there is an imbalance.

Vastu Shastra in the Workplace

For anyone looking to :

  • Attract more business opportunities
  • Increase business from existing as well as past clients
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve profitability
  • Enhance worker/staff relationships
  • Boost their business success
  • Improve quality
  • Brand awareness

1. Water is wealth -element of flow

Underground water bodies and running water fountain in your premises helps in attracting more business opportunities. Sometimes people follow blindly this suggestion without even knowing that they might have installed a water feature(water element)  at the very wrong location.  As a result, it may bring about more harm and misfortune than to benefits for them.
To get the correct spot for the placement of the water feature and its flow direction, it must be as per compass direction.

Important suggestions about the water element

– Avoid stagnancy of water
-Water should be free-flowing. Flowing water symbolizes income.
-Avoid septic tank near the underground water tank

2. Your website.

Companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort to attract massive traffic to their website. Nowadays most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase. If your business doesn’t have a powerful website you are missing potential business opportunities. Even if people don’t buy your product online, they are still likely to research it online, so you have to have a smart website.  Therefore people approach you for the business very quickly & easily.

People respond to colors and images much faster than they react to words and it is wise to look at these guides while considering your business brand and imagery. Specific colors and elements are naturally associated with a certain business sector. Often some businesses have a website whose colors conflict, such as red and grey, green and brown, or green and yellow. These are color combinations that fatigue visitors – meaning the website is less sticky.
Colors for logo and website pannels, the shape of the text box, font colors, etc. matter a lot in contributing to the success of any website. Most noteworthy, companies spend a huge amount on the makeover of their website frequently.

3. Green zone – pays you.

The color green relates to new growth, expansion, and new beginnings. To be sure, green is the color of the paper money currency of many countries. According to Vastu, the plants and tree represents a green zone.

Plants have many benefits, including the extraordinary benefits of adding oxygen, life, and warmth to a surrounding, while they also have powers to raise energy and infuse a space with living energy.

Plants help to neutralize the overly energizing effects of electromagnetic fields caused by electrical appliances, high energy gadgets, machines, and also computers. Use a plant in a corner to raise stagnant energy, as well as to prevent clutter from building up in a corner that’s not used very often in your business premises.

Important suggestions about green zone

  • Avoid thorny plants which give rise to stress in the environment.
  • Plants exuding white sap should not be kept in the surrounding.
  • Awla and tulsi plants at northeast bring quality clients.
  • Most of all, the bamboo plant at southeast symbolizes growth in all seasons.

4. Get more clients

The Vastu element “wind” is in the Northwest zone of your premises. Marketing activities, travels, and also personal contacts fall under the north-west zone. North-west element brings networking luck in the form of powerful people, helpful people, and most of all friends to support you in your business life.

Important suggestions about north-west zone

  • Locate your marketing division in the north-west area, since this is a zone of networking.
  • Keep aromatic plants in this area to help you to get more positive people.
  • Business conference room, branding & also an advertisement section should be in the north-west part of your business location.

5. Use Power Vastu tools.

In Vastu Shastra, there are many types of stones, metals, crystals, and also yantras that are used to enhance the flow of energy. They also cure many Vastu defects. These tools represent different energy-some of healing powers, some wealth enhancers, and also for harmony.
Natural crystals like citrine stone, quartz crystals, and black tourmaline can be effectively used to enhance financial prosperity. Currently, many new apartments prefer to use crystals as a quick Vastu correction.

Crystal Power grids are effective remedies to cure defective bramhasthan (central zone)
A metal pyramid made of brass, copper, lead, and zinc is widely used to cure multiple Vastu defects as a result it balances the element.
Coral, pearl, and sapphire can cure some serious Vastu defects under the guidance of experienced Vastu experts.
Various kinds of prosperity yantras are the most favorite amongst business people. Hence it can be in the reception area, tranquility zone, and also in finance zone.

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