Vastu Video

Vastu Video

Narendra Modi on Vastu Shastra Hon. Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed ( now Prime Minister of India)  rally in Manipur’s capital Imphal on 8th Feb’13. In his speech, he said “Even Vaastu-shastra says the northeastern part of a house should be given maximum care. India will prosper only when the northeast will.

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Importance of the northeast, a precious corner as per Vastu

The North East corner is the portal for natural energy to enter the house. The northeast direction is the house of God, a most sacred zone as per Vastu. This zone is a storehouse for positive vibes. Sunrays in the North-East direction are responsible for providing life on earth with a lot of medicinal benefits.

How to enhance the northeast corner of the house?

  • Keep your prayer room or temple in the northeast zone of the house. The northeastern direction is said to be highly surcharged with divine energies.
  • The northeast angle of a structure is said to increase wealth, health, and abundance as well as provide family stability. Keeping it clean and pure is highly recommended.
  • The study room in this corner will improve the academic performance of the child.
  • A library or meditation room in the northeast will improve concentration and skill.
  • More open space without any heavy storage in the northeast will attract more positivity to the house.
  • Tulasi (Holy basil) and Awla plants/trees are highly recommended in the northeast to capture divine energy to your property.
  • Introduce water bodies like fountains, river paintings, water urli pots, etc. to activate strong water elements.

Precaution about the northeast corner

  • It is considered to be the most sacred, and God’s dwelling is believed to be there. It is important that you do not gather shoes, slippers, or rubbish at this spot. By collecting shoes, slippers, or rubbish at this location, you are sending negative energy into the house, and problems will start to occur.
  • Heavy storage or things in the northeast will make the whole energy stagnant.
  •  A bathroom or kitchen in this area will attract frequent obstacles in life. Your savings will start being spent on treatment.
  • Avoid floor elevation in the northeast. Family members may experience numerous difficulties in their life.

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