vastu for main doorVastu Shastra for Main Door

As per Vastu Shastra, the main entrance is of great significance since it allows the most important and essential life force to enter, which then promotes health, success, and prosperity.

Urja (energy) enters the house through doors and windows. Nevertheless, the entrance of your residence is where a large portion of the energy is brought in and thus this entrance is a significant factor in deciding the movement of vibrations that the home encounters.

How should be your front entrance?

  • It is essential that the doorway can be opened completely, however in some homes this is not possible because of the shoe rack or furniture behind the door. This means the energy is unable to enter the house in its entirety. When the necessary energy is scarce in a house, the possibilities and fortune of its inhabitants will be restricted and unfavorable. Ensure that your house has an opening of 90 degrees to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of energy.
  • There shouldn’t be any audible creaking noises coming from the hinges of the primary entrance when it is opened. It is Swar Vedha according to Vastu. A sticky door may indicate that something is not working in your life or that you feel stuck or irritated by something.
  • The entrance area should be neat and clean and avoid having a dustbin in the entrance.
  • For optimal efficiency and harmony, it is advisable to have your primary entrance turning clockwise when opened. Having it rotate in the opposite direction can bring about delays in tasks, slow development, and disagreements within the household.
  • According to Vasthu Shastra, it is not considered favorable to have any cracks in the primary door of a house. Additionally, this primary entrance should be larger than all the other doors leading into the home.
  • Upon entering the residence, there should not be an obstacle such as a wall obstructing the path. Instead, the doorway should lead directly to the neighboring room or open area.
  • It is important that no shadow from any source, such as a tree or a building, should cast onto the main entrance.
  • The entrance to the residence must not be situated beneath the surface of the ground. Additionally, an underground tank, septic tank, or waterway should not be located in the vicinity of the primary entryway.
  • It is not acceptable for there to be any abandoned or derelict buildings situated in the vicinity of the main entrance, as this kind of scenario is not considered to be favorable.
  • It is beneficial to adorn the doorway of a home with images or sculptures of Lakshmi, Ganesha, or symbols of good fortune, such as OM or the Swastika. It is not advisable to hang pictures that carry negative connotations.
  • It is preferable for doors to have a threshold constructed from marble or wood, and two sets of auspicious Lakshmi charan should be placed on either side of the threshold in order to invoke the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.
  • It is not advisable to put shoes right in front of the entrance, rather they should be placed on the side or stored away in the shoe storage box.vastu-shastra-for-main-door
  • It is customary to display items that represent one’s faith, such as a yantra, a statue of Ganesh, a cross, or passages from the Quran, above the entrance of a home.
  • Having the main entrance in the north or east is auspicious. Wherever the entrance of any home or building is in the east, the residents enjoy better health, increasing prosperity, and harmonious relations with others; but wherever houses are facing south or south-west, the opposite is the result.
  • Elevators should not be placed in front of the main entrance of a building.
  • A residence should have an even quantity of doors, such as two, four, six, or eight.
  • Colors of the main door should be warm and inviting. Selecting the right color is an important decision, as this color will be seen by visitors who walk up to the door. It should create a feeling of warmth and welcome even before they enter your home.
  • Avoid self-closing of the front entrance

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