Vastu- Shastra a science

vastu-5-elementsThe word “Vastu” has its origin in “VASA” meaning ‘Inhabitation‘ and ‘Shastra‘, as Sanskrit word, equivalent to the modern concept of ‘Science’. To sum up, Vastu is the science of inhabitation.  Vastu Shastra ensures optimum utilization of material resources in accordance with the shape of the building, surroundings, the area to be utilized, the dimensions, the symmetry of doors and windows and alignment with the structures both inside and outside. All construction like a residential house, office, industry, commercial offices, and commercial complexes will flourish and grow only by the application of simple and  easy Vastu Principles.

Vastu Shastra – a science – Vastu Shastra, a science (cosmic) uses nature’s rhythm to introduce a sense of well being to your life. By merely arranging or correcting your surroundings, you will be able to shift your life towards your true health. When your house has good vastu, your life will be harmonious, joyful, healthy, and prosperous.

A science of Five Elements

Everyone knows that body structure is made up of five elements. They account for the five faculties of Shabda (sound), Sparsha(touch), Roopa(sight),Rasa (taste), Gandha (smell). According to ayruveda (a science of life) Earth, Fire, Water, Space and Air in are  the foundation of everything in the universe and natural phenomena. 

The body and the larger universe is under the inflence of the five elements, known in Sanskrit as the pancha mahabhutas. The elements make up all matter living and nonliving. This will influence how we experience and respond to our surroundings as well as how our bodies might tend to act and react. Simillarly, Vastu which guides us for the correct placement of its structures and balancing using a theroy of these five natural forces.

Vastu today has attained global popularity in  countries like India, Singapore, Germany, France, USA, UK, Dubai, UAE, China, and Australia.

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