Vastu for Master Cabin
Vastu Shastra shows an easy way to transform your work environment into a place that nurtures creativity, abundance, happiness, and well-being. It is necessary that the master cabin is Vastu optimized. Master cabin is generally assigned to the Managing director, whole-time director, CEO, or CFO in the large offices.  They are the highest-ranking individual in the Company. Also, they are responsible for the overall success of a business entity or other organization and for making top-level managerial decisions. They may be involved in all major decisions, but they are the ultimate authority in making final decisions.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu Shastra for Master Cabin or Owner’s cabin:

  • Direction as well as the location of Cabin (zone)
  • The Shape of Cabin.
  • The direction of Desk.
  • The shape of the desk
  • Artwork as well as paintings in the cabin. Art is a way of expression, a way of joy, a way of making people understand things that can’t be done verbally.
  • Plants in the cabin.  A beautiful fish tank or a green plant creates natural surroundings in the office layout, which improves efficiency.
  • Location of the entrance as well as lobby
  • Colors in the cabin
  • The direction of the display board.
  • Location of the window, overhead beams, and Wall units.

vastu for ceo directors cabin

Benefits of a Good Master Cabin Layout as per Vastu

  • It will help you to concentrate on essential things and you will say a big no to distractions.
  • You will work smarter and find new ways of success.
  • You will have better sound decision power.
  • Your productivity gets skyrocketed.
  • It will help you increase your focus and reduces stress.

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How does music help to improve your workspace as per Vastu?

The system of Vastu has based on the premise that every object in our surroundings has an influence on our lives. By altering how energy flows around and through your surroundings, you can promote a good working environment. Music helps you to feel energized, positive, and passionate about your work.

It boosts productivity and increases the focus. Soft music is not distracting but is an aid to working energy. It brings more creative ideas. Music influences your performance and ability to get things done. Instrumental music improves productivity. You will find it fascinating.

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