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Corporates and businesses of all kinds are coming to realize that it is to their benefits to creating a positive environment for their employees. When people work in a space that feels vibrant; they are more productive, fewer mistakes occur and morale is much high. This is obviously a benefit for the businesses, but it is also a benefit for the employees as well. There are so many people come home from work feeling drained – emotionally, spiritually and physically. At least fifty hours per week is spent in the workplace; wouldn’t it be wonderful if that time was spent in a space that made you feel good & supportive?. Vastu harmony plays a big role in any business environment.

Vastu Data

When we are hired by a business to do a vastu consultation, we will first ask some questions about the company: The history – What type of business is it and what are the goals? – How long has it been in business? – Is the business thriving or struggling? With what aspects? – How long has it occupied the existing space? – Who were the previous occupants and were they successful? The organization – Who are the principal people running the company? – How many employees are there and what do each of them do? – Are there any problems with the relationships between employees? Between management and employees? With clients or customers?

Exterior and interior of the business premises

Are there any negative vibrations coming from the surroundings? – – Is the entrance easily accessible and welcoming? – Is there a reception area or space that welcomes both clients and employees? – – Are individual cabins arranged in the most advantageous manner? – Are shared office areas or office desk arranged so that each person has a great energy? Office entrance, desk facing (i.e. north, east, west or south)and wall colors play an important role in office vastu.
Another important aspect of business vastu (vastu harmony) or office vastu is the concern with the physical comfort and safety of everyone in the space. In our ever increasing electronic age, we are always surrounded and bombarded with Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s). Many people spend their entire day sitting in front of computers, working with photocopiers, fax machines, all under fluorescent lighting. This EMF energy has been proven to be detrimental to our health – we must be aware of it and try to minimize our exposure to it as much as we can.


The monitor and tower of a computer emit a lot of EMF energy – the rear of a monitor actually emits far greater EMF’s than the front, so be aware and try not to direct the rear of the monitor at another person. – Live plants soak up some of this negative energy, so try to have one close to your computer. There are also devices that can be used to place on computers that will neutralize these negative energies. Natural quartz crystals work as well (1-2″ in size) – Place one on the tower and one between you and your monitor. It is also beneficial to wear a natural quartz crystal while you are working on your computer. 

Even if your company is not “Vastu savvy”, there are lots of things that you can do in office layout arrangement(office seating or sitting)to make your own personal workspace a pleasure to be in – all without anyone noticing! Vastu harmony can be attained with simple vastu rules.

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