vastu for society housing complexVastu for Housing society, gated community

Housing society is a membership-based legal entity made of one or more residential buildings, villas or apartments. Housing societies are voluntary in their functioning, based on the idea of self-help as well as  self-reliance. There is continuous interactions of people, their living spaces, and the surrounding natural environment. Gated community management should consider Vastu for society.

Vastu is all about optimizing your environment. It encourages a positive surrounding and lifestyle. A healthy clear environment in the   indicative of a healthy people in the society.  Better surrounding brings good fortune to the inhabitants of a dwelling, or at the very least, ensure that they did not invite adversity. Land topography, surrounding roads, trees and buildings, entrances etc. have huge impact of the space connected.

Some key placements:-

Underground water tank in the North-east:-

Water is one of the primary elements of Vastu shastra. It  should be integrated into society space with pure, moving water features. When properly placed, the natural  energy of the water, can flow throughout entire space  and bring success and well-being to the  every resident. Water is of great importance in vastu planning  and symbolizes the accumulation of positive energy that is synonymous with wealth. We have seen people enjoying peace and good with above feature in their housing complex.

Power and electricity station in the South-east:-

Wealth and prosperity are associated with prosperity element.  Electric room,   transformer,  CCTV room etc. should be in the south east zone of the  entire complex.  These placements brings life long prosperity to the occupants.  Fire is also considered as   a nourishing element according to the Vastu.

Any water body in the  south-east  could impact health of many families in the society.

Administrative office in the South-West:-

Administrative office in the south west assures sound management of the day to day affairs of the society. A rock garden without water feature in the south-west enhances earth element according to Vastu.

Our case studies  shows that redevelopment of many buildings were suffering from long delay due to the wrong location of  the society meeting place.

Garden  in the North-West:-

Green garden in the north west zone improves the wind quality of the environment results in to good relationship among the members. Applying the simple principles of Vastu  garden landscape design brings balance and serenity to outdoor space of your complex. It creates a relaxing environment that attract healthy vibrations.

Place with multiple or severe major vastu defects brings frequent obstacles in the management of the society as well as life of the people. We have conducted many Vastu consultations for society during pre-construction as well as post construction stages.  Better surrounding Vastu brings overall prosperity and growth to  maximum occupants.

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