Vastu tips for Finance

How Vastu Shastra can Help you Grow your Finance / Increased Flow of Money /  increased Wealth

Vastu tips for Finance

The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. But this is not always true. If hard work is supposed to produce success, then it would stand to reason that everyone who works hard should be successful. But that is far from the case. Many people who work hard never come close to being successful. In fact, most hard workers have a much higher incidence of non-success than they have success.
Strategically getting from where you are today to where you want to be in the near future begins with the careful planning of your home or office layout. Your business can grow and  brings more business, if you energize your business location with a simple Vastu space planning.

Here are some Vastu tips for Finance / Cash Flow

A. How does the south-east area of your business place looks? Southeast, a fire corner according to vastu is most important to keep business in warm condition. It is necessary that you have fire objects like electric panel, server room, canteen etc. in this direction. According to our research, business premises having warm Agni corner grows much faster.

B. Abundance business prosperity is with you if your business premises is a clutter-free. Everyone should try to guard desk against semi-permanent piles of paper. Any pile of paper that is consistently ignored will accumulate negative vibrations. A clear desk means a clear mind, better creativity, and more job satisfaction. Also, clutter can accumulate at corner, inside units, in the lobby, etc. Clutter can disturb your business growth & your cash flow. Do space purification once a week to drive away the negative vibrations.

C. Bring some water objects towards the northeast corner. In case of a big corporate office, install beautiful water fountain towards the northeast. In case of large industrial premises,bore well or underground water is highly recommended. Water is an ancient symbol of abundance.

Few more Vastu tips for Finance:-

  • House or office at T junction should be avoided.
  • Leaking Taps or Faucet or Borewells to be fixed immediately to stop money going in to drain.
  • Location of Cupboard, almirah, cashbox is important to keep all business documents & wealth as per vastu.
  • Feed water and grains to birds in your plots yard/terrace, this attracts positive energy and flow of wealth.
  • Decorate entrance with Fresh Flowers, Torans and welcoming & cozy light.
  • Donate Regularly for Prosperity.
  • Main entrance should have open space and should not be blocked.

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