Vastu Shastra for Drawing Room

Vastu Shastra for Drawing Room

The heart of family life, a Living Room, family room, or Drawing Room is a place to receive and entertain guests. This zone is mostly used to relax and unwind. This multi-function room is a public area in your private home. The living room should be a source of family pleasure.


Basic Vastu guidelines for the Living Room

  • Vastu Shastra for Drawing Room – According to the Vastu Shastra, the ideal location of the living room is to be directly linked to the main entrance without any obstruction. Dark lobby leading to living rooms are really sad and even terrifying.
  • The living room should have easy access to the sunshine. It is good for family health and a source of warmth. It is a vital life force hence the presence of sufficient sunlight is of utmost importance.
  • Place furniture in such a way that you can see the main entrance from the sitting area.
  • Use the South-west zone of the living area for family seating.
  • Activate five elements of Vastu in the living room. Waterfall (element-water), Salt lap or fireplace (Element-fire), Plants & windows(Element-wind), Rocks and crystals (Element-earth) and Sky design (element-space).
  • Avoid over-furnishing of your living room. A living area of your home should be clutter-free. Make your living room spotless. If you take your friends or guest to a messy living room, perhaps they will not visit you again.
  • Keep Vastu paintings in the living room. Bare walls can make a living or family room feel empty and lifeless. You can reinvigorate one of the most important rooms in the house with harmonious paintings.  Paintings like running horses, rising sun, rock mountain, trees,  bamboo, waterfall, flying birds, etc add sparks to your living room.
  • Place photographs of the ancestor on the south-west corner only.
  • Avoid the northeast corner of the living area for keeping shoes, old newspapers, and unwanted things.
  • Keep the shape of the living room either rectangular or square.

A living room, family room or drawing room should always full of happiness and pleasure.


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