palm jumeirah vastu dubaiDubai’s Jumeirah Islands is a wonderful and prestigious location with tranquil surroundings. This real estate project consists of various smaller sub-islands in the form of clusters. We visited one of the beautiful villas from one of the clusters. It was owned by an Indian family who has requested us to provide onsite  Vastu Consultation in  Jumeirah. They were looking for an expert to organize their space based on the Vastu system.

What Vastu can do for you?

Vastu Shastra is a supreme system of house building.   It is an ancient system of architectural design and construction of buildings following the natural laws of the universe. Vastu considers a dwelling to be full of life force. There is a greater awareness now globally that our physical environment does affect the quality of our life.

According to Vastu, if your living space is not properly organized, you may not be prepared to experience a better life. Unfortunately, many dwellings are lacking in positive vibes. Hence we recommend spending time nurturing your abode.

A Case Study


Vastu Consultant jumeirah 

vastu plot jumeirah dubaiThe plot was in the shape of Gau Mukhi ( cow shape) which is considered excellent as per Vastu. Possessing a plot like that has the capacity to bring success and wealth to the person who owns it. Also, it stands to benefit more from a Vastu perspective.

The home was situated in the northern part of the land, thus allowing more room in the southern area. Having an uncovered and open area in the direction of the south could have a negative effect on the well-being of the household, particularly the head of the family. This is a major defect as per Vastu. Excess margin towards the south zone creates a stressful environment in the house. 

Correction:-  Create a wall to cut off the excess margin towards the south. Alternatively, you can also build a plant wall to reduce the negative impact.

The compound gate was centrally located in the south zone, which is highly inauspicious. It requires relocation towards the positive zone. The front gate brings life force to the home and is considered the “entryway to energy”. 

Correction:- Move the front gate towards the SSE  zone. This will be in an auspicious location to attract huge prosperity and career growth.


1. Swimming pool in the villa was located in the northwest part of the house. It causes mental disorders and financial losses.

Corrections:- Shift the swimming pool towards the northeast zone. The owner has agreed to shift the swimming pool towards the northeast.  According to Vastu, the water body in the northeast corner improves prosperity and the flow of life. In our modern-day world, we are cut off from naturally flowing water. You can create a small water pond, fountain, and underground water tank in the northeast. It enhances the flow of energy in the surrounding.

2.  Missing the Northeast corner falls under the “major Vastu defect” category. When the house has missing corners, it implies that a certain imbalance is happening in this house. Vastu is all about balance. Any missing corner, extended corner, or polluted corner can be easily rectified with the Vastu instruments under the guidance of Vastu experts.

Corrections:-Cover the northeast corner will the roof and small boundary enclosure. Also, use some traditional Vastu cures for the missing corners. Display  Vastu paintings, as well as Vastu metallic cures for quick corrections for the missing corner.

3. Location of the kitchen towards the west falls under type-2 defect. The kitchen in the house is very important since it nourishes and sustains life.

Corrections:-Use an alternate fire lamp (fire element) in the southeast corner of the house to strengthen the fire corner. Display fire paintings boost the fire element.

4. Brahmasthan (Center of the house) is occupied by the staircase which creates a load in the center. In any premise, the center of the house is called a distribution center from where energy spreads to all the eight directions in the house.  The staircase is a load in the center and it indicates life with lots of struggles.  It  is like having a hole pierced in your heart 

Corrections:- Use virtual shifting arrows,  weight balancers, and metal cures to activate blocked energy in the center of the house.

5. Finally, arrange the bedrooms, prayer area, and study space on the upper level depending on their respective purposes and directions.


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